“What can I do when I miss you?” Lee Jong Suk’s words to IU on last day of Inkigayo 

Lee Jong Suk’s affectionate remarks to IU back when the two worked together on the SBS music show “Inkigayo” are being re-examined. 

On December 31st, news outlet Dispatch revealed yet another legendary couple in the Korean entertainment industry. This time, the main characters are famous actor Lee Jong Suk and idol-actress IU. 

lee jong suk iu dating

Lee Jong Suk’s agency has since confirmed the news, saying that Lee Jong Suk and IU have grown from friends to lovers, and are currently maintaining a serious relationship. They also asked for support from fans and the public. 

In addition, IU’s agency has stated that the dating news is true. 

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As a result, netizens are excitedly re-examining past moments of Lee Jong Suk and IU when the two worked together on SBS’ Inkigayo. 

In particular, back in 2012, IU had to announce Lee Jong Suk’s departure from the music show. Lee Jong Suk, who was there, asked if IU was sad, to which IU immediately replied she was disappointed that he was leaving. 

lee jong suk iu inkigayo

Hearing this, Lee Jong Suk looked at IU affectionately and said with a voice as sweet as honey, “What should I do when I miss you, IU?” Then, when IU gave him roses, Lee Jong Suk expressed his overflowing love by asking, “Can I come over to see IU on ‘Inkigayo’?”

lee jong suk iu inkigayo

In response, IU smiled broadly and said, “You are welcome anytime.”

Netizens, who watched the sweet chemistry of Lee Jong Suk and IU from 10 years ago, left comments such as “They got along well from then on” and “The two of them have a great chemistry.” 

lee jong suk iu inkigayo

Source: Insight 

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