SBS 8News: singer Jeong Jun-young give his partner sleeping pills before intercourse

The content of the Kakaotalk chat which singer Jung Joon-young shared with his acquaintances has been released.


SBS’s ‘8News‘ aired tonight (March 12th) carried a follow-up report on singer Jung Joon-young, who is suspected of illegally shooting sex videos and spreading them to his acquaintances.

“The chat shows Joon-young talking about having fed sober women sleeping pills without any shame and even admit that he knew what he was doing was illegal”, the official said.

In the exposed Kakaotalk conversation, Jeong Joon-young‘s acquaintance, Kim, shared a video of his sexual activity on April 17, 2016. The woman in the video clip was unconscious. When singer Choi asked him to send a live video of the woman, Kim answered, “She is unconscious so I will turn on the flash to take this”.

Seeing this, Jung Joon-young replied, “So you raped her” with a laugh. Also in March 2016, another acquaintance, Park, described to Jung Joon-young about how he had fed a woman sleeping pills then had sex with her. In response, Jeong Joon-young had belittled the female instead.

SBS 8News: singer Jeong Jun-young give his partner sleeping pills before intercourse

Especially Jung Joon-young and his acquaintances are fully awared that their actions could be punished by the law. When he said, “Let’s meet girls in online games and rape them“, his acquaintances said, “Our lives are already like movies. We didn’t kill because those killer guys all go to jail,” he said. The public is shocked by these words.

Meanwhile, the police booked Jung Joon-young, who recently returned to Korea on charges of violating the Special Act on Punishment of Sexual Violence (using a camera to record, etc.).

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