SNSD Seohyun’s real character

Having debuted for 14 years, Seohyun (SNSD) has never been in a serious scandal.

In recent days, the story of Kim Jung Hyun being rude to Seohyun (SNSD) during the filming has received the attention of many netizens.  Many people expressed frustration on behalf of the “national girl group” member to endure her co-star’s rudeness on the set.  However, Seohyun still has a professional attitude; she even gave Kim Jung Hyun good words.

The professionalism of SNSD’s youngest member made netizens enormously admired and gave her a lot of praise: “Seohyun is an angel,” “I can’t believe she can continue filming after going through all these things,” “How many people can act like Seohyun? “…

SNSD Seohyun’s real character

Seohyun has long been known as an idol with a golden personality. Even Dispatch was unable to find any of her scandals in the past 14 years. So what is Seohyun’s real character?

Ever since her debut, Seohyun, despite being the youngest, has a mature personality.  She even takes care of the other SNSD members.  Seohyun is also very obedient and polite, having never been in an attitude scandal once.  She always tries to go to bed early, study hard, is severe with herself.  Despite her busy schedule, Seohyun tried her best to go to school to graduate from the famous Dongguk University.

SNSD Seohyun’s real character

Dispatch is an obsession with many stars, but definitely not with Seohyun.  As the maknae of the top girl group, many people think dozens of handsome guys will admire Seohyun.  But after months of following the female idol, Dispatch only captured the image of Seohyun going to the cafe with her friends and reading books. 

SNSD Seohyun’s real character

Became an honorary ambassador of the Blue House

Not only making a mark as a famous idol and talented actor, but Seohyun has also continuously become an honorary ambassador of the Blue House.  She has repeatedly performed and delivered speeches at diplomatic events.  Indeed, not everyone has this honor.  The other members all called Seohyun “the pride of SNSD.”

SNSD Seohyun’s real character
SNSD Seohyun’s real character

Airpod Seohyun

Recently, when Kim Jung Hyun was accused of acting rude to Seohyun, the female idol made the public even more admired with her professional behavior.  She even got a new unique nickname, “Airpod Seohyun.”  So why does Seohyun have this nickname?

At first glance, this nickname is quite confusing and it seems Seohyun – Airpod are not very related to each other.  However, Korean netizens have explained that the word Pro (short for professional) in Airpod Pro is completely suitable for the maknae of SNSD.

SNSD Seohyun’s real character

Despite being rude by her co-star, Seohyun still behaves professionally, even giving Kim Jung Hyun good words.  On the forums, everyone believes that it is unlikely that another actress could be as professional as Seohyun when she fell into such a situation. 

At the time of 2018, Kim Jung Hyun received a lot of criticism for his bad attitude towards his co-star, Seohyun, when filming The Time.  According to the staff of the film crew, the youngest SNSD member had to cry many times. However, when she was interviewed, the actress still gave many compliments to her co-stars and did not mention the difficulties she went through.  These professional actions have helped Seohyun receive many compliments from the public.

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