“Park Yeon-soo’s daughter” Song Ji-a, who received a casting offer from JYP Entertainment, shows off her mature beauty at the age of 16

Song Ji-a, daughter of actress Park Yeon-soo, boasts her youthful visual.

Song Ji-a

Song Ji-a posted a photo on her Instagram on April 9th along with the caption, “So dazzling #spring”.

The photo showed Song Ji-a taking a picture in front of the background cherry blossoms. With her outstanding appearance which is as beautiful as the blossoming background, Song Ji-a turned her daily life shoot into a pictorial. In particular, Song Ji-a raised her hands to cover her face from the sunlight. In addition to her natural visual, her mature beauty and skinny body caught the eyes of netizens.

Song Ji-a

Song Ji-a is the daughter of actress Park Yeon-soo and former footballer Song Jong-kook. Song Ji-a once appeared on TV with her father Song Jong-kook through MBC’s entertainment program “Dad! Where Are We Going?” and received huge love from the viewers. Park Yeon-soo often delivers updates on her daughter through SNS. Song Ji-a recently drew attention with her grown-up appearance which resembles singer-actress Suzy.

Appearing as a guest on the show “Happy Together” together with her daughter Song Ji-a, Park Yeon-soo revealed that many entertainment companies, including JYP Entertainment, had contacted her after Song Ji-a did a photoshoot and offered her daughter a contract. On this show, Song Ji-a also showed off her dance skills by participating in recording and performing the choreographies of songs by Celeb Five, TWICE and ITZY.

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