“The Killer’s Shopping List” Lee Kwang-soo and Kim Seol-hyun are confident in their perfect chemistry

Actor Lee Kwang-soo will return to the drama industry after four years.

The production presentation of tvN’s new Wednesday-Thursday dramaThe Killer’s Shopping List was held online on the afternoon of April 25th, joined by actors Lee Kwang-soo, Kim Seol-hyun, Jin Hee-kyung, and director Lee Eon-hee.

The Killer's Shopping List

Director Lee Eon-hee said, “I wanted to create something that happened in a friendly neighborhood, a big event but also small enough to happen there.”

Lee Kwang-soo, who plays Ahn Dae-sung, the son of MS Mart’s president, said, “I chose this work because the script is fresh and unique, and it’s a script and character that I think I wouldn’t be able to do if not now.” When asked if there was any support from his lover Lee Sun-bin, he cautiously replied, “She always roots for me and we are still prettily continuing our relationship.”

The Killer's Shopping List

Kim Seol-hyun, who plays police officer Do Ah-hee, said, “The subject of finding a criminal through a receipt is rare and interesting,” adding, “Each character is full of charm. In addition to the three main characters, the sub-characters are also full of charm.”

The Killer's Shopping List

Jin Hee-kyung, playing the mart’s owner Han Myeong-sook, said, “The material is fresh, and I was curious about how the director, who directed ‘Missing’ and ‘Detective,’ would solve the story, and I really wanted to work with Lee Kwang-soo. I agreed to appear due to my fangirl heart,” she explained the reason why she was on “The Killer’s Shopping List.” Lee Kwang-soo, who plays her son, said, “She looks so much like my real mother, so I sometimes recorded while monitoring and sent some to my father, who was very surprised as well. I was hit a lot by my mother when I was young,” he said, drawing laughter.

The Killer's Shopping List

Regarding the setting of finding the criminal through their receipts, Jin Hee-kyung said, “Mystery usually associates with dark colors. Our drama is a mystery, but it is a fun, cheerful, and a comedy-mixed genre. That’s the charm,” she explained. Lee Kwang-soo said, “It’s realistic, the mart that anyone goes to is the background, and there are cartoon-like characters which will make the series fun to watch.”

Lee Kwang-soo, who is making a comeback in the drama scene after four years, said, “We’ve talked a lot. It was a conversation where I had a lot of confidence rather than pressure,” he said. “I got goosebumps because I think I talked so well.” On the other hand, when asked if his appearance in “Boss By Chance 2” was helpful, he explained, “It was helpful because the actors have to, to some extent, handle the machines in the drama,” adding, “It was helpful to the drama as I got the chance to work with the actual guests as cashiers where I have learned many details.”

Regarding the character synchronization between him and his character Ahn Dae-sung, Lee Kwang-soo said, “Cashier is a character that anyone has seen at least once and can see if they want to, so I wanted to give a more familiar feeling. Such character is rare these days, and I personally have a lot of interest in people.”

Kim Seol-hyun, who said she was in sync with her character Do Ah-hee, said, “Do Ah-hee doesn’t hold back what she has to say, and I can’t say empty words. I’m honest, but I tend to endure it inside,” she said. “Our bright and positive aspects are similar, but I lack drive, while Ah-hee is the type to do it as soon as she decides.” Kim Seol-hyun, who learned boxing for the drama, said, “I learned boxing by going to action school two or three times. I don’t know if I’m doing well, but I looked at the screen and it came out so well, I’m grateful to my coach,” she said. About Lee Kwang-soo, she revealed that “he usually gets hit or runs away.”

The Killer's Shopping List

Jin Hee-kyung said, “Myung-sook is a cool woman who says what she wants to say, but I’m a coward. When I’m angry, I cry first. I think we are similar in the part that we both love our families,” she said, adding that her synchro rate with her characters in the drama is 78%.

Regarding the harmony between the two genres, director Lee Eon-hee said, “There can be an obsession to be funny when directing a comedy, but I thought of this drama as a process of getting close to people. At first, they are unfamiliar characters, but they are characters that you might see more often than your family when you live in the neighborhood. They are funny when you get close to them. Friendliness has become a humor,” the director said, pointing out the comical aspect of the drama. Director Lee also added, “It is a story where they do what the police will do, solving a big case by meddling with small details in daily life.”

The Killer's Shopping List

Regarding the difference from other comic investigation dramas, director Lee explained, “There were attempts on the movie side, but there weren’t many dramas. It seemed difficult to lead an 8-episode series by catching the criminal, and I thought it would be fun to go with people who observe and bump into each other.” On the other hand, Kim Seol-hyun, who is new to the comedy genre, said, “I didn’t act with the thought that it was supposed to be funny because it was a comedy. There were a lot of interesting things in the situation, so I acted as that character, and many fun scenes came out. I’m both glad and embarrassed to hear that you like the way I put my image down and act.”

Regarding the fact that “The Killer’s Shopping List” is a short 8-episode series, Jin Hee-kyung explained, “I don’t like loose chemistry due to the variety of ways to watch the drama. Since it’s a story that takes place within a few days, I think 8 episodes would be good to compress it well and deliver it in a fun way.” She also expressed her anticipation, “I wonder if there will be season 2.”

The Killer's Shopping List

Kim Seol-Hyun said, “It’s rather good to be short. It was fun and pleasant to produce the outcome by flowing into a single stream. There are no boring parts and only the highlights are gathered.” Lee Kwang-soo confessed, “It’s a detective story, so 8 episodes are enough. It’s a pity, but I think viewers will enjoy it.”

Lee Kwang-soo and Kim Seol-hyun take on the role of the couple who has been dating for 20 years in “The Killer’s Shopping List”. Regarding this, Lee Kwang-soo said confidently, “I think the chemistry score is 100. Since we play the couple who’s been dating for 20 years, we talked a lot to express a relationship like friends, family, lovers, siblings and it was fun.” Kim Seol-hyun shared, “Other seniors, the director and staff members were good, but having Kwang-soo on set gave me a lot of strength. In terms of our chemistry, if there is a highest score, I want to give it that score.” Lee Kwang-soo, who plays Jin Hee-kyung‘s son in the drama, said, “I feel like I have another mother. I can’t express in words how grateful I am since I can feel that she treats me like a mother both inside and outside the camera.” Jin Hee-kyung replied, “Thank you for being my son.”

The Killer's Shopping List

People are focusing on how the cast’s 100-point chemistry and perfect teamwork will be portrayed in the drama as Kim Seol-hyun said, “I never expected this much because I thought it would be well expressed on the screen as much as it was fun on set.”

The super(market) comic investigation drama “The Killer’s Shopping List”, in which supermarket owner, cashier and district police officer deduce receipts as clues to mysterious murders occurring in an ordinary neighborhood, will premiere at 10:30 p.m. on April 27th.

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