Seohyun will greet the small screen audience as a lovely girl who is curious about the world and passionate in love through drama “Jinxed at First”

Seohyun heralds a perfect transformation into Seul-bi in the new drama “Jinxed at First”.

Actress Seohyun will appear as Seul-bi with an innocent and lovely charm in KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Jinxed at First” (directed by Yoon Sang-ho/ scripted by Jang Yoon-mi), which is scheduled to premiere on June 15th.

“Jinxed at First” is a fantasy-romance drama telling about a man, who has an unlucky life, and a goddess, who jumps out to the unknown to lift the curse, overcoming their cruel fates.


Seohyun plays the role of Seul-bi who has the mysterious ability that allows her to see the future of people when they touch her hand. Seul-bi gets locked up for a long time because of her ability. On an accidental escape, she meets Gong Soo-kwang (Na In-woo) and tries to change her fate. How will Seohyun portray the story of Seulbi, a smart and curious girl with a lovely appearance, struggling to overcome her fate?

Regarding her character Seul-bi, Seohyun introduced, “She doesn’t want to be locked up and has a thirst for the outside world. The way she looks at the world is very unique. Also, Seul-bi does not hesitate to give and take love.”


She added, “She is a character full of curiosity and desire to know everything that exists in this world. As she keeps craving for the outside world, she decides to take action.” Accordingly, Seul-bi is more curious about the world than afraid of it. The appearance of this character, who questions everything and does not hesitate to act recklessly, even doubles her loveliness. 

Seo-hyun shared, “Since Seul-bi has lived in her own world for a long time, the only friends she has are creatures and princesses in fairy tales. Therefore, she loves all living things and she has an extraordinary 14-dimension view of the world”. In addition, she said, “Seul-bi is a passionate lover who shows no fear or hesitation when she is in front of her love”, raising expectations for the way Seohyun will lead the love story between Seul-bi and Gong Soo-kwang in the first episode.


In short, Seul-bi portrayed by Seohyun can be understood as “a curious passionate lover who is constantly craving for the outside world”. Attention is focused on the synergy of Seohyun and her character Seul-bi in this new drama. 

Source: Daum

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