Knet suggest alternative line distribution for K-pop girl groups

The distribution of lines in a multi-member group is always a controversial issue in the Korean entertainment industry.

This is because many girl groups whose members’ singing time is not evenly divided. That makes fans livid because less singing gives idols less chance to shine. On the other hand, if a member has a weak voice but gets to sing many lines, the quality of the product will be affected. Therefore, Knet proposed new line distributions for girl groups.

Line distribution for K-pop girl groups
The matter of line distribution of girl groups is controversial.


Despite being a famous group with a large fan base, BLACKPINK has caused fans to argue many times about the line distribution. It can be seen that, in most of the group’s songs, the member who sings the least is usually Jisoo. This makes her fan community angry and thinks that BLACKPINK’s visual are being treated unfairly.

Line distribution for K-pop girl groups
Jisoo is the one who sings the least in BLACKPINK. (Photo: Naver)

Netizens think that Jisoo sings less because her voice is weak, not suitable for BLACKPINK’s voice color. At the same time, netizens also have a way of arranging lines that many people agree with. Accordingly, Jennie will become the main vocal of the group because she has a good, characteristic voice. The person who gets the second most lines is Rosé. Lisa only needs to be in charge of the rap part, and Jisoo has as few lines as possible.

Line distribution for K-pop girl groups
Netizens think that Lisa just needs to rap and Jisoo sing as little as possible. (Photo: Naver)


Dividing lines has never been easy, especially for a “populous” group like TWICE. Many people think that a person with a great voice like Nayeon needs a lot of space to perform. Next, Jihyo will be the supporting voice for Nayeon and Jeongyeon should also have more lines. The other members take on the killing part or sing at most one line. As for Dahyun, she should sing as little as possible and Momo shouldn’t sing any lines.

Line distribution for K-pop girl groups
Because Momo is bad at singing, netizens think that she doesn’t need to sing. (Photo: Twitter @TWICEJYPn)

Red Velvet

The line division for Red Velvet is the most controversial. Specifically, netizens think that Wendy, Seulgi, and Joy will be in charge of the main vocals. And as few lines as possible should be given to Irene and Yeri. Some people disagree with this because Irene and Yeri’s vocals both have their own charm. Although often criticized for having a monotone rap, when Irene sings, she is highly appreciated.

Line distribution for K-pop girl groups
Red Velvet’s line division is controversial. (Photo: Naver)


As for MAMAMOO, some people think that Moonbyul’s rap should be reduced and she only needs to sing low notes. Because even though she is a rapper, she has a good voice just like the vocalists. Besides Moonbyul, the remaining members Solar, Wheein, and Hwasa should sing as much as possible because all 3 girls have outstanding and attractive voices.

Line distribution for K-pop girl groups
MAMAMOO’s vocals have never been controversial but the audience wanted to see Moonbyul sing more. (Photo: Naver)


(G)-IDLE is one of the few girl groups where the members’ voices are at the same level. Each member of the group has their own unique voice, which creates a perfect whole. Therefore, the singing time of the members should be evenly divided so that everyone has the chance to bring to the audience a good performance.

However, for Shuhua, people think that she should sing as little as possible as this female idol does not have outstanding singing skills and has been criticized many times for bad live singing.

Line distribution for K-pop girl groups
The members of (G)-IDLE all have their own voices, so they should have an equal lines number, except for the youngest member Shuhua because of her abilities. (Photo: Naver)


Two years after debut, ITZY still has not made an impression in the hearts of the audience with their vocals. Despite being praised for their stable live singing many times, the girl group is still criticized for lacking emotion and attractiveness in their singing. Many people jokingly say that ITZY has it all but lacks vocals.

Therefore, some people think that Yeji will “carry the team” by singing as the main vocal for the group and Lia only needs to contribute in the high notes. The remaining three members, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna should be given minor parts or killing parts.

Line distribution for K-pop girl groups
Yeji should carry the team vocal instead of singing Lia herself. (Photo: Naver)


For aespa, the division of line is rearranged by netizens in descending order. Specifically, Winter will sing the most, then NingNing, Karina, and Giselle will sing the fewest lines. The reason for this distribution is because Winter has a good voice and her high notes are not too piercing like NingNing’s. However, there is also an opinion that NingNing should sing the most.

Line distribution for K-pop girl groups
Winter should be the one who sings the most instead of main vocal NingNing. (Photo: SBS)


When a rookie group debuts, it receives a lot of attention from the public and STAYC is no exception. The members all possess top-notch beauty, which impresses the audience. However, many people do not appreciate the group’s singing technique.

Therefore, there is an opinion that the group should divide the line in the most suitable way. Specifically, the person with the best voice in the group is Sieun, so she should sing as much as possible. Next, Isa will take on the second most vocal part of the group. In addition, Seeun, J will take charge of the killing part. The other two members, Yoon and Soomin, were criticized for their vocal quality, so they should sing as little as possible.

Line distribution for K-pop girl groups
According to netizens, STAYC should re-divide the line to be more successful. (Photo: Naver)

Line distribution is always a top concern in K-pop. However, fans think that the company will know the strengths of each member to give them the most suitable number of lines.

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