Seo Ji Hye, “I wonder how Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin, Lee Sang Woo & Kim So Yeon got married after working together… It’s harder for me”

Actress Seo Ji Hye expressed her view on marriage.

Seo Ji Hye recently met with Sports Chosun. During the interview, she said, “I found it amazing that many actors worked with each other in dramas and ended up getting married. I asked them a lot about that”, adding “Now it’s harder for me to get married”.

seo ji hye

It is because Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, who worked with Seo Ji Hye in the hit drama “Crash Landing on You”, got married last year, and actor Lee Sang Woo, Seo Ji Hye’s co-star in “Red Balloon”, also married actress Kim So Yeon after working together in “Happy Home”.  

Seo Ji Hye said, “Lee Sang Woo also got married after starring in the same drama with his wife. I was curious so I asked him how they got married. When I asked, ‘Is dating an actor a good thing?’, he said, ‘There are advantages and disadvantages’. How amazing”.

Mentioning that she was born in 1984, and has reached a good age to get married, Seo Ji Hye said, “I keep wondering whether I want to get married or not. But I don’t want to do it hurriedly like finishing homework. I’m not a person who likes staying single but I think it’s a pity that I haven’t met my fate partner yet.”

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She smiled and said, “I want a relationship to come naturally. I don’t want to go out looking for someone or anything. I really envy people who date or get married after filming a drama together, but that’s just other people’s matters. I’m not interested in it because it’s not related to my job. That’s not my man either.”

The actress added, “My brother is actually very worried about me. He is married and already has children. He’s living a happy married life, so he always tells me to date someone. He says if I don’t date, my love cells will die”.

Regarding the reason she doesn’t want to date at the moment, Seo Ji Hye said, “Since I live alone, my friends who already got married often come to my house. They say my house is like a resting place and that they can breathe comfortably whenever they come there. Also, all of them tell me not to have a baby early. We often chat for around 5-6 hours. When I ask, ‘Why don’t you go home?’, they would say, ‘If you’re so used to being alone, you won’t be able to get married’ or ‘You should date someone quickly’.”

seo ji hye

Revealing that people often have a different impression of her, Seo Ji Hye shared, “Many people think I’m cold and unfriendly because of my urban image. After getting closer, they begin to think that I’m very easy-going and clumsy. But it takes quite a long time for them to actually realize that.”

When asked about her ideal type, the actress honestly confessed, “It’s harder for me to think now. In the past, I would like to meet someone handsome and tall. But now, after hearing stories from my married friends, I think it’s getting more difficult for me to think of an ideal type. Living with another person is not something we often experience. I don’t know if I would get married without knowing anything about marriage, but now that I’ve heard about it a lot, it seems harder for me to get married. I’ll just pretend I know nothing, and if my fate partner appears, I will go with my heart.”

Source: Nate

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