A Bad Day for BLACKPINK’s Jennie!

Just because of one event and one outfit, Jennie is receiving criticism from Koreans over and over again!

On the evening of July 8, the online community was shaken by the latest drama involving BLACKPINK’s singer Jennie, who is under suspicion of using electronic cigarettes. However, that is not the only storm she has faced recently. According to the latest news, Jennie was also harshly criticized by five reporters from a major Korean media outlet regarding her fashion – a forte she has long been renowned for.

jennie chanel
Jennie received much criticism from netizens and TV reporters for her appearance with Chanel in Korea.

Back on July 3, the Chanel Coco Crush pop-up store event took place in Korea, featuring many famous Korean stars, creating a visual feast for the public. Each person contributed to a successful event, but the “main event” Jennie Kim truly stood out, being mentioned day after day even though the party ended five days ago!

Immediately after the event, Jennie became a hot topic across Korean online forums. There, netizens freely criticized her for gaining weight, whether true or not, a fair look at her photos would make it clear. This has long been the toxic behavior of some netizens towards Jennie. But what did the Korean media say? The answer is they also chose to criticize Jennie but from a harsh perspective!

The Weekly Fashion Ranking by YTN posted on July 7.

Specifically, a well-known Korean news and entertainment channel, YTN, recently ranked the BLACKPINK idol at the bottom of their “Weekly Fashion Ranking” with quite harsh critiques. The comments from the reporters were as follows:

  • Her black dress looks overdone. (Reporter Gong Yeong Ju)
  • In fashion, there is something called TPO. It means you should wear clothes suitable for the time, place, and occasion. There are exceptions, but it seems that wasn’t the case with Jennie’s outfit. Everything from her hairstyle, accessories to the revealing outfit was “too much.” (Reporter Kim Sung Hyun)
  • The combination of the sheer dress and the stockings exceeded the limit. It looked like Dyanne from “The Idol” (a character played by Jennie) stepped out of the film. (Reporter Kwang Hyu Soo)
  • This outfit is very messy, she should remove at least one thing… either the logo stockings or the braided hairstyle. (Reporter Kang Nae Ri)
  • This outfit is too bold for such a formal event. (Reporter Choi Boran)
jennie chanel
YTN reporters believe Jennie was too revealing and “overdone” for a formal event of the brand she has been associated with for seven years.

Despite receiving praise from the international community for her stylish outfit and makeup layout, Jennie still hasn’t garnered an open and positive view from the general Korean public. In this case, the reporters’ comments were quite subjective, revolving around the idea that Jennie’s outfit did not meet their aesthetic standards.

This also highlights the rigidity in fashion perspectives through comments like “too revealing, beyond limits.” No wonder BLACKPINK fans often say that the four girls change forms and exude freedom abroad. In reality, Jennie’s outfit that day was not excessively revealing or offensive, as she had worn similar styles to Chanel events in Paris, the fashion capital, several times before.

jennie blackpink
A similar look Jennie wore at the Chanel Spring/Summer 2024 Paris Fashion Week event with the signature monogram fishnet stockings.
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