Kai (EXO) was criticized for organizing a party during the third wave of coronavirus cases in South Korea

When the Korean government had a law banning gathering of more than 5 people, Kai held a party with 4 people and also live-streamed to explain the reason.

Korea is in the third wave of Covid-19 infection.  Because of the serious situation, some areas such as the capital Seoul issued a ban on the gathering of more than 5 people.  Korean netizens are very angry with celebrities who are said to have violated “social distancing”.  Many idols have been criticized for gathering together during the epidemic.  Recently, Kai (EXO) became the focus of criticism for holding a birthday party during the social distancing.

The male idol live-streamed during the party and even told viewers, “Recently, there are regulations on social distancing about not gathering more than 5 people. So there are only 4 of us.  Just within the limit of 4 people, whatever.  Therefore, I had a party with my friends “.

The other members of the party include Ravi (VIXX), Kim Timoteo (HOT SHOT), and a friend of Kai.

Kai Exo party covid 19

The EXO member’s actions were highly controversial.  Many people believe that he is defying the justification of “social distance”, even trying to circumvent the law to gather people.

Currently, South Korea bans gatherings of more than 4 people to prevent the virus from spreading. However, it does not mean that people should still be gathering as long as it’s under 4 people. Korean netizens believe that in the present time, should not meet other people unnecessarily because 4 people can spread diseases to each other.  While many people had to cancel events, staying home alone, Kai celebrated his birthdays and even live-streamed the party.

Kai Exo party covid 19

The party participants also did not wear masks or kept a distance of 2m as required. The fact that his words and actions showed a lack of understanding in the quarantine rules, leaving a bitter aftertaste.

Some comments:

-Given that Kai mentioned it’s okay to do whatever as long as its up to 4 people in his live stream, I think that many people are misunderstanding that it’s okay to play and have parties as long as its kept to 4 people. Please… I’m seeing so many tags on regular people’s Instagrams as well like #It’sNot5 and #4Only. What would the people who lost their jobs and are having it hard due to the virus think of it? I like Kai but shielding him weirdly won’t help the situation. He’ll get more backlash. Please don’t think of this lightly.

– Alright I get it’s a serious pandemic but he was with 4 people, they’re obviously careful too and we have music shows still going with more people?? like I don’t think it’s necessary to send hate

– These people should be ostracized from all awards and music shows or I don’t want to see them at all.

– If you actually watched the live, he clearly said they are following covid protocols which say only 4 people can gather. There were only 4 people. He even mentioned that they checked their temperature! Don’t spread fake information. He didn’t do anything against the rules

– Celebrities should be less bragging

– The purpose of the rule is to reduce the number of meetings, rather than the number of people participating.

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