A fan saw Kim Min Hee and Hong Sang Soo at their university, “She drives, while he glared at the fan who made a fuss”

Director Hong Sang Soo (63) and actress Kim Min Hee (40) have been dating for 7 years.

On November 28th, a fanaccount about Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee was posted on an online community.

Writer A, a fan of Kim Min Hee and a student of the school where Hong Sang Soo is working as a professor, wrote, “I saw them at school in May this year. Hong Sang Soo’s lab is on the second floor while the second floor is also my department office, so I often go there. I saw the two of them come out of the lab together that day.”

Hong Sang Soo Kim Min Hee

Kim Min-hee then went down the stairs. When my classmate next to me made a little fuss, Hong Sang Soo kept glaring at us as he went to the stairs, as if he was aware of us. But I am not interested in Hong Sang Soo, only Kim Min Hee.”

After that, the couple went out of the building and drove away. At that time, A claims that Kim Min Hee looked very cool in all-black fashion.

A added, “What’s a little ridiculous is that Kim Min Hee was the one who drives. I heard that elderly drivers have to return their licenses, but is Hong Sang Soo that old?” A mocked.

Hong Sang Soo Kim Min Hee

Anyway, I’ve seen him from afar again at school after that day, but I didn’t see Kim Min Hee. I have seen Hong Sang Soo a lot, I think I saw him 2 or 3 times a week. It’s natural because he’s a professor.”

At the same time, A added, “There is a rumor that Hong Sang Soo will only work as a professor until this year, but I don’t know whether I should feel good or be sad about that news.”

Earlier, A once posted another fanaccount that they witnessed actress Kim Min Hee and director Hong Sang Soo twice in December 2020.

At that time, they claimed they saw Kim Min Hee going to Hong Sang Soo’s lab. “I saw someone who looks like Kim Min Hee walking from afar, and it was really her. Even if she wore a mask, she is definitely Kim Min-hee,” he said. “She was waiting for the elevator with a woman. I couldn’t talk to her and kept looking at her, then we made eye contact and she smiled.”

Hong Sang-soo Kim Min-hee

A added, “Because of the pandemic at that time, outsiders must fill out a pass to enter. Hong Sang Soo was standing with his eyes closed and arms folded while Kim Min Hee filled out the pass. A friend I know checked Kim Min Hee’s temperature, they said she was no different from a fairy and her voice was soft.”

Finally, A said, “I can’t forget Kim Min Hee’s smile on the first day I saw her. Can I talk to her the next time I see her? I want to ask how she is doing,” expressing their fan sentiment.

Meanwhile, Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee are dating despite the 22-year-old age gap after meeting each other through “Now Is Right and Then Is Wrong” (2015). Since their official relationship announcement in 2017, Kim Min Hee has been mostly starring in Hong Sang Soo’s work as a lead actress.

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