“Master in the House” team, “The postponement of Lee Seung Gi’s return on the show is not related to HOOK”

While singer-actor Lee Seung Gi is hesitant to join “Master in the House 2”, the production team made an additional statement.

On the morning of November 30th, an SBS official said to TV Daily, “The claim that Lee Seung Gi is taking a break from ‘Master in the House 2’ because HOOK Entertainment co-produces the program is not true.”

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A Youtuber recently claimed that Lee Seung Gi decided to not appear in “Master in the House 2” because of HOOK. Accordingly, Lee Seung Gi has been put in an awkward position due to his conflict with HOOK, the company that co-produces “Master in the House”.

In this regard, SBS said, “HOOK participated in some parts of the production of ‘Master in the House Season 1’. However, our production contract with HOOK also expired when the season ended. ‘Master in the House’ team planned to produce the new season 2 by themselves.”

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Earlier on November 29th, it was reported that Lee Seung Gi refused to appear in “Master in the House 2” due to the recent legal dispute between him and his agency HOOK. In response, SBS said, “While waiting for Lee Seung Gi, we will start recording the new season with the existing members”, adding, “It is still undecided when Lee Seung Gi will return. We hope Lee Seung Gi solves everything well and comes back soon.”

Lee Seung Gi recently revealed that he had never received any settlement from HOOK for his music activities over the past 18 years. He also claimed that the agency gaslighted him by calling him a “minus singer”. Although HOOK argued that they had already paid Lee Seung Gi, the legal battle is expected to continue as the two sides’ positions are opposite. 

Source: Nate

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