Lee Seung Gi to leave “Master in the House 2” due to his conflict with the management agency

“Master in the House” will start season 2 without Lee Seung Gi.

According to a report by SPOTV NEWS on Nov 29th, Lee Seung Gi will leave SBS entertainment program “Master in the House” Season 2.

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“Master in the House” will start a new season after its first filming in mid-December. While other existing members continue to participate in the new season of “Master in the House,” Lee Seung Gi, the center of season 1, reportedly decided not to appear in season 2 after a long discussion.

Lee seems to have come to the conclusion that it is difficult to continue filming amid the accelerated filming schedule of the movie “The Great Family” (directed by Yang Woo Suk), and the pending settlement controversy with his agency, Hook Entertainment.

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Lee Seung Gi recently shocked the public after revealing that he had not received any settlement related to his music activities for 18 years from his agency Hook Entertainment.

Hook Entertainment refuted this, saying, “It is not true.” However, Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative once again announced his position, saying, “Hook intentionally hid the existence of Lee Seung Gi’s music revenue from him, and so far has been consistently gaslighting him by saying ‘You are a minus singer’.” Lee Seung Gi’s side then emphasized, “It’s no use for Lee Seung Gi to conversate with Hook Entertainment any longer.”

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