Lee Sun Bin was surprised when hearing boyfriend Lee Kwang Soo’s voice during live broadcast

Actress Lee Sun Bin burst into laughter when she heard the voice of her lover Lee Kwang Soo.

MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope”, which aired on Nov 29th, was hosted by special DJ Navi.

Lee Sun Bin, who returned with TVING’s original series “Work Later, Drink Now 2“, appeared as a guest.

Lee Sun-bin

In particular, Lee Kwang Soo‘s voice appeared during the commercial break. Hearing her boyfriend’s voice, Lee Sun Bin burst into laughter.

Navi tried to continue the show calmly, but Lee Sun Bin could not stop laughing. Navi asked, “Are you okay? Why are you laughing that hard?” Lee Sun Bin replied, “I was so surprised.

Navi then explained, “We were surprised, too. We didn’t mean it. It appeared naturally.

Source: Daum

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