Hyolyn and Bibi show off their friendship by posting a playful picture of grabbing hair and punching each other

33-year-old Hyolyn and 25-year-old Bibi drew attention by boasting of a true friendship while bickering with each other.

Hyolyn, who debuted in 2010 as a member of Sistar, has become a big senior in the music industry.

Hyolyn (33) has received a lot of attention in the past by showing off her friendship with famous celebrities such as SNSD’s Taeyeon (34), actors Choi Kang Hee (46), and Park Seo Joon (35).

hyolyin bibi

This time, she drew attention by boasting a special friendship with trending singer Bibi (25).

On November 29th, Hyolyn posted several pictures of her with Bibi on her Instagram. What caught the attention of fans was a photo of them posing as if they were fighting with bloody expressions.

hyolyin bibi

Hyolyn held Bibi’s head with both her hands, and Bibi clenched her fists at Hyolyn. Both of them were looking at each other with their teeth clenched and their eyes wide open.

Hyolyn once again posted this photo on her Instagram story, adding the caption, “Once we get to know each other, we really care about each other.”

hyolyin bibi

Bibi also reposted the photo on her own instagram and left a short message saying, “I love you diva Hyolyn.” Fans were leaving comments that the two look like real sisters as even their clothes were matching. 

Many people burst into laughter at the playfulness of Hyolyn and Bibi, who are 8 years apart.

hyolyin bibi

Source: Insight. 

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