Jeon Somi, from visuals to attitude… Successful host debut at “2022 MAMA”

Singer Jeon Somi performed successfully as the host of “2022 MAMA AWARDS”.

Jeon Somi is receiving favorable reviews as she opened the door to the global awards ceremony “MAMA” with her perfect hosting skills at “2022 MAMA AWARDS” on Nov 29th.

jeon somi mama 2022

Jeon Somi made a spectacular appearance by decorating the K-pop mash-up opening stage of “2022 MAMA AWARDS” with dancer Lee Jung. Jeon Somi, who announced the special start of “2022 MAMA AWARDS” with her powerful dance line and energetic stage, showed the aspect of a global host that was flawless from visual to hosting.

jeon somi mama 2022
jeon somi mama 2022

As trendy fashion’s icon Jeon Somi prepared different costumes for each section, she showed both responsibility as a host and uniqueness as an artist at the same time, attracting attention every moment.

In particular, she fluently spoke multiple languages for global fans, including Korean, English and Japanese. She drew attention by showing her witty volubility and relaxed hosting skills.

jeon somi MAMA
jeon somi MAMA

Jeon Somi completed her successful host debut, which captivated fans with her energetic hosting skills and colorful transformation that perfectly pulled off fancy costumes.

Jeon Somi said, “Today, the first day of the renewed MAMA, I experienced the value of a new challenge, the passion for the best stage and the dream that I finally achieved. I was happy every moment to be able to share this wonderful moment with you all. Following today’s festival, there will be a new and amazing story tomorrow, so let’s enjoy tomorrow too. Dreaming of a world that becomes one through music, Music Makes One.

Jeon Somi

Meanwhile, “2022 MAMA AWARDS” will be held for 2 days from Nov 29th to 30th at Kyocera Dome Osaka, Japan. It will be broadcast live on Mnet from 6 PM and can be viewed online worldwide.

Source: Daum

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