Netizens criticized Kang Daniel for his bad The Show’s encore

Recently, “National Center” Kang Daniel was criticized for his live singing skills on the encore stage of The Show. 

Kpop fans consider the end of music shows the place to “expose” the singing ability of Kpop idols.  Many singers have become the focus of criticism after showing off their real voices that are no longer supported by sound tricks.  Recently, it is Kang Daniel’s turn to become the target of Korean netizens after the encore at The Show on April 20, 2021.

The Show is the first music show that Kang Daniel won the trophy when he made a comeback with the song Antidote.  However, the male idol disappointed the audience.  As a result, netizens criticized the live singing skill of the “national center”.  Someone commented that the ordinary person singing karaoke is better than Kang Daniel.  They thought that he has not improved his singing skills despite he debuted many years ago.

Not only that, but some netizens were also angry with Kang Daniel’s attitude while performing.  Knowing that the encore stage is where the artist celebrates his victory, but in their eyes, the former member of Wanna One did not sing well and showed a lack of sincerity.

I feel ashamed… Nothing different from a few years ago, I guess he didn’t practice singing at all

– Well, I watched it because I was curious about it, but he should practice singing more…

– Ordinary people who sing karaoke would be better than him…

– Shameless, how can he say he’s a singer with that skill?

– Isn’t it his song?? Why does he sing it like when I choose a song that I don’t know in the karaoke room… He needs to practice.

– He can’t sing, but even his attitude on stage is bad

– No skill and no sincerity

Previously, Kang Daniel caused great controversies when many times, he avoided singing encore.  At that time, fans advocated that the male idol wanted to spend time interacting with fans, while some people thought that he was not confident in his live singing skills, so he tried to avoid it.

However, after the closing stage at The Show recently, netizens all said that the “national center” needs to practice more.  He has debuted for 5 years and worked for 2 years as a solo artist – a long enough time to improve his singing ability. However, the male idol still did not do as well as expected.

Source: Knetizen

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