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Shin Ye-eun Seemingly Filled Jeon So-min’s Spot With Wittiness, Yoo Jae-seok, “She Has Some So-min In Her”

Shin Ye-eun played an active role by filling the vacancy of Jeon So-min.

Running Man”‘s Singapore special was broadcast on SBS on November 19th.

In this episode, the cast members gathered at the terminal of Singapore’s Changi Airport. Then, they introduced the guests who will enjoy a two-day trip with them, professional gamer Hong Jin-ho annd actress Shin Ye-eun.

Shin Ye-eun also revealed about her current situation, saying she was about to start a new drama. The actress explained, “I took on the role of a dance genius,” and the members said, “Are you a dance genius? Isn’t it a miscast?” making everyone laugh. Shin Ye-eun stressed, “It’s different from idols’ dance styles.” Yoo Jae-seok said, “Ye-eun doesn’t have a boyfriend,” and Shin Ye-eun said, “I look like a boyfriend, don’t I?” and expressed her shameless self-love, saying, “But I don’t have one, I like someone with a clean image, like a deer.

Running Man Shin Ye-eun kim jong kook

Later, Running Man members and the guests participated in a race with super-luxury products. They had to answer quizzes on travel to Singapore and choose something that was not illegal in Singapore. The answer was “wearing crop tops,” and Shin Ye-eun answered it. Turns out she was already wearing a cropped T-shirt. Shin Ye-eun laughed out loud, saying, “Today’s concept is sexy.

At night, they had a night tour, starting with experiencing a safari. Shin Ye-eun was in a “coward mode” unlike her appearance, and when she heard that she had a foxy face, she said, “I have that talent,” and Yoo Jae-seok said, “You have a bit of So-min in you,” making her laugh.

Sources: Naver

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