Hyuna’s unexpected answer to a fan’s question asking when she will marry Dawn

Hyuna has just answered a fan’s question about her wedding plan.

Hyuna and Down

Hyuna recently spent time replying to questions from fans through her Instagram story on October 10th.

When asked, “When are you going to get married?”, Hyuna replied, “I don’t know. I can’t keep up with my mood either, Leviosa”. She also added an emoticon of a girl shrugging her shoulders.

A fan asked about Hyuna’s favorite song. She took this chance to express affection for her boyfriend Dawn by saying, “It’s a new song that Dawn has written lately”.

Hyuna and Down

In addition, replying to the question about “Today’s T.M.I (Too Much Information)”, the female singer said, “I’m going to cut my hair short today”. Her answer signaling a new hairstyle surprised fans. Then, when a fan said, “I want to see you act in a movie”, Hyuna made everyone laugh because of her reply, “Are you serious?”.

Meanwhile, Hyuna has been in a relationship with Dawn since 2018. The couple released their first EP [1+1=1] on October 9th and is doing promotion activities together for the title song “PING PONG”.

Source: Naver

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