Jung Joon Young’s ex-girlfriend wrote a petition to the Blue House for being illegally filmed

Jung Joon Young’s ex-girlfriend and alleged illegal filming victim writes a petition to Blue House. 

Ms.A, Jung Joon Young’s ex-girlfriend recently wrote a public petition on the Blue House. She thought the former idol had illegally filmed her.

A previously submitted to the police a complaint denouncing the former idol for the above behavior in 2016. However, she later withdrew the petition as she was afraid she would be accused of “making false accusations and ruin [her] life.”

Jung Joon Young was questioned longer. He left the Police Department after 21 hours.

In the petition to the Blue House, Ms. A expressed her hope that the government will make institutional and social changes to protect victims of sexual abuse.  She also called for stricter penalties on social media users (YouTubers) and journalists, who caused secondary harm to victims. 

In related information, the court sentenced Jung Joon Young to five years in prison for gang sexual assault. Meanwhile, Choi Jonghun’s sentence is 2.5 years.

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