Sehun Once Had a Romantic Trip with Jisoo’s Boyfriend, Ahn Bo Hyun

Sehun and Ahn Bo Hyun’s romantic camping trip in the past received attention

Friendship knows no bounds, and in the world of K-pop and Korean entertainment, it’s not uncommon to see celebrities forming close bonds while working together on various projects. Such is the case with Sehun and Ahn Bo Hyun, two talented stars who recently made headlines for their past heartwarming camping trip.

sehun ahn bo hyun

The story of their friendship began when both Sehun, a member of the globally renowned group EXO, and Ahn Bo Hyun, a talented actor, collaborated on the 2018 drama “Dokgo Rewind.” The show brought them together, and their camaraderie has only grown stronger over time.

Ahn Bo Hyun, who is older than Sehun, has often shared his admiration for the younger star’s wisdom and maturity beyond his years. Despite the age difference, they have developed a deep and genuine bond. Ahn Bo Hyun has expressed how he has learned a lot from his younger friend, appreciating Sehun’s unique perspectives and insights.

Their friendship took an exciting turn in 2020 when both celebrities appeared on the popular television program “I Live Alone.” During their segment on the show, they embarked on a camping trip that can only be described as “utterly romantic”, set against the backdrop of the serene beach.

During the trip, Sehun couldn’t resist asking a cheeky question to his elder friend, Ahn Bo Hyun, “Do you have a girlfriend?” Ahn Bohyun, with a gentle smile, replied, “If I had a girlfriend, do you think I would invite you to go camping with me?”

sehun ahn bo hyun

Ahn Bo Hyun, in the midst of the breathtaking beach scenery, playfully remarked, “It’s like I’m about to propose to you.” This witty comment added an extra layer of charm to their camping adventure, leaving fans both amused by their strong friendship.

Perhaps the most heartwarming moment of their camping trip was when Ahn Bo Hyun revealed his intention to propose to his future girlfriend by the sea. fans may get to witness a romantic proposal by Ahn Bo Hyun for Jisoo.

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