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March Entertainment Shows Brand Reputation Rankings: No. 5 “Running Man”, No. 4 “I Live Alone”, Top 3 is? 

The entertainment program brand reputation rankings for March have been released.

On March 5th, the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute announced the ranking of “Entertainment Program March Brand Reputation”. This is the result of analyzing 132,011,195 big data from 50 entertainment shows from February 5th to March 5th.

Entertainment Brand Reputation

According to this, “Mr. Trot 2 – The Beginning of a New Legend” ranked first place, followed by “Burning Trotman” in 2nd place, “Jinny’s Kitchen” in 3rd place, “I Live Alone” in 4th place, “Running Man” in 5th place and “Hangout with Yoo” in 6th place. 

“Mr. Trot 2”, which ranked first, was analyzed to have brand reputation index of 15,412,830 (participation index 4,859,862, media index 4,530,678, communication index 1,853,749, community index 1,783,678, viewing index 2,384,862). Compared to last month’s brand reputation index of 17,147,751, it fell by 10.12%.​

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The brand reputation index of “Burning Trotman”, which ranked second, was 8,877,792 (participation index 2,888,031, media index 1,969,885, communication index 996,148, community index 997,213, viewing index 2,026,515). Compared to the brand reputation index of 13,452,902 last month, it is a 34.01% drop.

The “Mr. Trot 2” brand, which ranked first in the entertainment program brand reputation of March 2023, had high scores in “voting, confrontation, and advancement” in link analysis. In keyword analysis, “one-on-one match, nationwide Tour, Top 10” was analyzed highly. In the positive/negative ratio analysis, the positive ratio recorded 89.36%.

According to Nielsen Korea, the viewership rating of “Mr. Trot 2” episode aired on March 2nd recorded a 19.3% nationwide. This figure is a decrease from the first episode broadcast on December 22 last year (20.2%). The competing program, “Burning Trotman”, is being criticized by public opinion due to a controversy related to participant Hwang Young Woong. Attention is focusing on whether “Mr. Trot 2”, which will air its final episode on March 16th, will seize a new rebound opportunity.

Source: wikitree

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