Section TV: Failed NCT, too successful BTS is the reason putting SM into a crisis

Of course, the announcement of the reporters in the show has made fierce arguments about the recent “critical” condition of SM

Not long ago, the show “Section TV” of MBC made public opinion in high dudgeon when it told the news which was not true that T-Ara’s members had received expensive gifts from Wang Sicong. When this even had not absolutely cooled down yet, although the show made an apology in public, recently “Section TV” once again has made a stir in public opinion by a mass of sensitive speeches.
On last 28th November, “Section TV” broadcasted one section titled “원탁의 기자들” (Translated: Reporter round-table conference). The reporters who took part in this section brought out shocking comments about the biggest Kpop entertainment company recently such as:” The artists of SM develop more slowly than they thought” or “The condition of crisis of SM Entertainment is real”.

Kim Ji Hyun – Reporter of TV Report and one of those who took part in this show, gave a straight speech: “Recently, because of the Hallyu ban from China, the cooperation of SM has been interrupted, this has resulted in the decreasing in stock price of this company. However, the artists who have been presented recently by SM, have not got satisfactory achievement, and they are also the main reason that has put SM into a crisis”.
This reporter explained more: “The boygroup NCT focuses too much on the audiences at the age of 10. No one at the age of 20 knows who NCT is. The girl group Red Velvet develops much more slowly than expected”. Moreover, this person also announced:” The success of BTS is the basis for the recent crisis of SM. Now, you can absolutely be successful without becoming like SM. Maybe this company should try the Hip Hop genre”.

Right after being broadcasted, this section was fiercely criticized by a part of netizens as well as fans of Red Velvet and NCT. Until the morning of 29th January, there have been 171 posts on the official feedback page of “Section TV”, requesting an legitimate apology from this show. Many people left comments to criticize “Section TV”: “Whether SM is in crisis or not is unknown, there is one thing for sure that “Section TV” is in a very crisis”, “So rude to the artists of SM. Apologize now”, “The stock price of SM is increasing and they didn’t even check the information before broadcasting”…

On the other hand, many netizens agreed with the comment of the reporters in “Section TV”. They think NCT is really in failure, Red Velvet has success but is not the top girlgroup, and even veteran groups like TVXQ, Super Junior or SNSD are also losing their characters.

To be honest aren’t they right ?  Aside from the hip hop, I agree with all of them, to be honest SM hit super big but now they’re starting to become has-beens. I’m not saying that RV isn’t popular, but NCT are seriously nobodies and SM has reached their ceiling
Don’t they know how many people like SM because of their non-hip hop musicㅋㅋㅋ I’m one of them. I can understand people liking hip hop but to say that they’re in crisis because they don’t do itㅋㅋㅋ
RV and Soshi are from different generations, must they compare them?

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