Not Lisa or Jennie, this is the member who has the most impressive style in “Kill This Love”

Releasing the teasers with a stronger, more powerful image, 4 Black Pink girls all make netizen surprise, but according to fans, the person with the most impressive style this time is not Jennie or Lisa.

Black Pink is known as the most powerful girl group in Korean showbiz now, especially in the context of YG scandal at the present time, their comeback has attracted even more attention. If you’ve loved the youthful image of Black Pink in the previous MV, then perhaps, you will be surprised with the 4 girls’ image restyling in the “Kill This Love” comeback video this time.

Black Pink has never been “piled up” with so much new styling like now. 4 sets of clothes all have an impressive, healthy, sexy and slightly futuristic features. Put simply, they are like costumes for characters in action/science fiction movies.

This can be said to be a transformation of Black Pink‘s style throughout the years. It’s unknown whether MV is beautiful or not and how the music starts, but just look at the 4 girls’ outfit, the people are already buzzing in excitement.

Looks like the 2119 outfit.

The girls look like characters in the movie “Sci-Fi” (movie science fiction genre).

I have never seen any outfit like this in Kpop history … Black Pink’s Stylist really has a very high fashion sense, they always choose unique things that are still very beautiful …

Never seen a girl group that followed this concept so well, except for the f (x) episode of Red Light … I like it …

I bet in the next 6 months, there will be many girl groups that will wear the same as Black Pink.

I died, can’t wait.

Of course, 4 girls are all “beautiful”, very suitable but the ones who receive the most compliments this time, are not Lisa or Jennie – 2 “magnets” of the media as usual, but Jisoo.

Perhaps because of Jisoo’s soft and feminine image, when she dressed like this, the people can’t help but feel attracted. That is not to mention the great transformation of men’s shirt into a women’s shirt and the use of the stylist’s top accessories.

Jisoo’s outfit looks great too, just my type.

Well, the girls really match this outfit style.

I really like Jisoo’s outfit and Jennie’s pants, which looks cool.

Jisoo too suits this style.

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