BLACKPINK Jennie – the unique charm comes from the talent!

Besides her beautiful appearance and charismatic charisma, Jennie’s charm also comes from her talent!

Impressive rapping ability and skillful use of English

YG is famous for Hip-Hop music.  Therefore the main rappers of this company of course have to rap well.  There is an interesting fact: Jennie is the main rapper of BLACKPINK, but many Kpop fans do not know this.

She has a very good rap ability compared to the common ground of the current Korean female idol, with the advantage of fast speed and impressive pronunciation.  Jennie once owned the title of the fastest female rapper in K-Pop girl groups when she performed 7.88 syllables / second in DDU-DU DDU-DU.

She has a lot of memorable raps like “I’m the girl people talk about – Jennie” (Boombayah), “All your bucket lists, I bought them all” (DDU-DU DDU-DU), “No need to be a princess, I’m priceless” (Lovesick Girls) or best of all, the full English rap in SOLO version THE SHOW. 

Jennie’s pronunciation is also praised by many experts as unique.  Due to the time living in New Zealand, Jennie has a little Australian accent mixed with a British – American accent.  She can rap and even write her own lyrics fluently in both English and Korean.  That’s why her rap part always brings Jennie-vibe!

Both unique and extremely seductive voice

BLACKPINK’s main rapper appeared for the first time in G-Dragon’s song Black as a vocal.  It must be recognized that Jennie is an all-rounder idol, when she not only “can sing” but also can take on the role of lead vocal in BLACKPINK.  She doesn’t have the technique as well as the main vocal but her voice color is beautiful. Her voice is bright, resonant, and matches BLACKPINK’s music style.

As soon as Jennie sings, the song is much more attractive.  That is probably why she also has a singing part in many of the group’s songs.  This is not really a favor, but Jennie really fits those segments.  Typically, the bridge in Whistle, the chorus of As If Its Your Last, the opening of Kill This Love, or “Look so good yeah, look so sweet” (Ice Cream).  Jennie can also hit high notes quite well in Playing With Fire, Forever Young.

Born to be a star

In K-Pop there is a term called “stage presence” – referring to the artist’s ability to control and conquer the stage.  Even when not in the center position, that person still attracts all the attention of the audience.  Jennie is such a star and it seems that she was born a star.  The way Jennie exploded on the stage of Coachella, became a “black swan” in SBS Gayo Daejun or surprising fans in SOLO remix at the concert are typical examples.

Attractive expression and charisma are the factors that help “Chanel muse” be favored by many brands.  Currently, besides Chanel, Jennie is the brand face of Hera, Gentle Moster, Calvin Klein Jeans, Vita500, Chum Churum … She is also the first Korean artist to be on the covers of all 6 prestigious Korean magazines including  Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W, Cosmopolitan, Elle and Marie Claire.  Whatever Jennie does, it will be a trend. Even many celebrities also love Jennie-items. 

The crown must withstand its weight, BLACKPINK in general, and Jennie, in particular, has to bear a lot of pressure in her career and life.  In the BLACKPINK documentary, Jennie shared her sadness when she had to leave her family.  When she was a child she went to study abroad, grew up to be a trainee and debuted in a famous group.  The female idol wanted to be close to her mother but didn’t have enough time.

Jennie suffered many false rumors, such as being lazy.  The main rapper herself has admitted many times that she is in poor health, often short of breath when performing and this is a weakness she is trying to overcome.  Dispatch also “favors” BLACKPINK’s main rapper when they have released her dating news twice, causing Jennie to suffer many criticisms.

However, Jennie is still the sweet and lovely girl of BLACKPINK.  Jennie is Jisoo’s “teacher” of English.  She also protects Lisa from malicious comments, actively promotes Rosé’s solo products.  True to the name Ruby Jane, Jennie is forever a “treasure” of BLINKs. 

Source: HHT

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