The lyrics of STAYC’s comeback title track sparks controversy: BLACKPINK, ITZY, and Jeon Somi are also “called out”

Korean netizens claim that the lyrics of STAYC’s new song are inappropriate and even compared to the lyrics of BLACKPINK, ITZY, and Jeon Somi’s songs.

STAYC is going to have a highly anticipated comeback after debuting in November 2020 with the title song “So Bad” and recently making a comeback with “ASAP” in April 2021. High Entertainment’s rookie girl group will officially release their first mini-album ‘STEREOTYPE’ at 4 pm KST on September 6.

As one of the most popular 4th generation Kpop girl groups in Korea thanks to their gorgeous visuals and potential performance skills, the group’s songs get undoubtedly high expectations. Following ‘ASAP’ with good achievements, many netizens are anticipating the group’s comeback this time.


At 0 AM KST on August 30, STAYC uploaded the Highlight Medley for their upcoming mini-album ‘STEREOTYPE’. In the video, only the lyrics can be heard to keep the melody of the songs a secret. The title track ‘STEREOTYPE’’s lyrics have sparked controversy among Korean netizens after the Highlight Medley was released.

The lyrics of the title track ‘STEREOTYPE’ are as follows:

“Don’t look at me with tinted glasses*
I’m kind of a different girlEven though I’m flashy on the outside
I’m still scared
You should know
(I’m a good girl yeah)
If you hug me too tight I will be suffocated
I may still be a little clumsy…'(*This line is said to have a metaphorical meaning: Don’t look at me with your prejudices)

Although there is no serious issue with the lyrics, many Korean netizens are disappointed because they are meaningless, even somewhat provocative, and inappropriate for STAYC members to sing considering their young age. 

Many Knets claimed that although it seems that the song’s melody will be nice and STAYC’s vocals also sound charming, they are tired of the lyrics where girls yearn for love in such a cliché way. According to Knets, this lowers the value of women.

Korean netizens have also mentioned some other girl groups’ songs with catchy melody but meaningless or cliché lyrics, such as ITZY’s ‘Mafia in the Morning’, Jeon Somi‘s ‘Dumb Dumb’, and most of BLACKPINK’s hit tracks. Although this problem is very common in K-pop music, considering the age of the female idols and the popularity of these songs, this issue has made Knets feel uncomfortable.

A part of the lyrics of ITZY’s ‘Mafia in the morning’:

‘Baby you’re confused, you’re so confused
You’re gonna be mine at the end, you are
Now’s finally the time to choose
It’s the nighttime already’

The lyrics of Jeon Somi’s ‘Dumb Dumb’:

‘Practicing in front of the mirror again
Opening my eyes wide
You like it when I make this face
How can I look more vulnerable and innocent
Don’t want to look like I tried too hard’

A part of BOOMBAYAH’s lyrics by BLACKPINK:

‘Been a bad girl, I know I am
And I’m so hot, I need a fan
I don’t want a boy, I need a man […]Your hands wrap around my waist
Front to my back, my body’s one of a kind (Oh yes)
Your eyes say a lot, I know you wanna touch’

Some Knetz comments on STAYC’s ‘STEREOTYPE’ lyrics:

  • I’m tired of the lyrics.. Why do they give lyrics like this to kids?!
  • I don’t think the lyrics are the problem, the melody is the problem!
  • It’s not like the lyrics are bad but I don’t think young female idols should sing such lines.
  • Why are the lyrics so bad? They’re wasting STAYC members’ talent.
  • The melody and the vocals are good, but the lyrics are so bad.
  • The lyrics are so bad, like Jeon Somi’s ‘Dumb Dumb’.
  • The lyrics are like a teenage girl’s feelings written by an Ahjussi.
  • Seriously, what’s wrong with the lyrics of young female Kpop idols’ songs lately? The lyrics are arousing and cliché, from ITZY’s ‘Mafia in the morning’ to Jeon Somi’s ‘Dumb Dumb’…
  • It sounds bad and a bit gross, because it’s like the way uncles look at teenage girls.
  • BLACKPINK’s songs all have lyrics like that! I like the melody though, I hope the song will be good.
  • I’m so frustrated when young female rookies have to sing such provocative lyrics.
  • BLACKPINK’s music is full of lyrics like that, but no one said anything about them!
  • Rather than lousy lyrics, I think it’s not age appropriate for STAYC members.

What do you think of Knets’ thoughts on the lyrics of girl groups’ title tracks like STAYC or ITZY? Do you think such lyrics are inappropriate or Korean netizens are being too sensitive?

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