Little Song Hye Kyo has a beautiful face with an outstanding style

Only 10 years old but little Song Hye Kyo is still hot enough to make fever with a beautiful face like a masterpiece and an impressive style.

Having American Korean beauty, Ella Gross is only 10 years old but has been a familiar face for fashion brands such as Zara, Levi’s, Lacoste, GAP or H & M … With a beautiful face, she has the title of the most beautiful little model in the world and has a huge fan base no less than any Korean idol. The evidence was that Instagram account of Ella Gross has 1 million followers, an impressive number with only 10 year old model.

Ella Gross is also noted for having the face of Korean beauty, Song Hye Kyo and promising to become great beauty in the future.

People always praise her beauty and aura, but few of them notice that in real life, Ella Gross owns a very interesting fashion style, that she can change from cute, feminine to cool and unique one. Indeed, she is only 10 years old, but her style is no inferior to her sister, or fashionistas.

She just simply puts on a t-shirt, or jeans and a pair of sneakers but she still manages to look stylish. She also knows how to impress when choosing ripped jeans, and sparkling shoes just like a real fashionista.

At times, she raised her “coolness” up several levels with outfit sets like this. And with the ability to transform with every style, in the future, Ella Gross will definitely be a famous fashionable star.

Like all the other girls, Ella Gross also loves feminine dresses. However, it is worth mentioning that thanks to her half-blood beauty with long silky hair and elegant aura, Ella Gross is able to transform everything outfits into fancy ones. So, whether Ella wears a gorgeous or simple dress, she is still like a princess in real life!

Source: kenh14

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