Ryujin and Lia’s Candid Confession on Their Personality Scores During Trainee Days at JYP

ITZY Ryujin and Lia talked about the penalties they received during their trainee days.

On September 10th, ITZY Ryujin and Lia featured in a new video posted on the YouTube channel ‘Psick Univ.’

Lee Yong Joo asked Ryujin and Lia, “JYP artists always seem healthy. Do you have a secret?” Kim Min Soo chimed in, “I heard you receive personality education.”

Ryujin explained, “That’s true. We receive education twice a week. There is a penalty system in all trainee curriculums, including singing, dancing, and personality scores.”

Ryujin and Lia's Candid Confession

She went on to say, “I wasn’t outstanding. I was average when it came to rankings, including personality scores.” At this, Jung Jae Hyung and Kim Min Soo raised doubts, “Were you a troublemaker? Did you punch someone at JYP?”

Ryujin clarified, “No, I’m a person who expresses opinions, so my personality score wasn’t that great.”

Lia also mentioned the crisis she felt during her trainee days, “I always thought I might get kicked out this month because I had a lot of penalties.” Lia added, “Eating in the practice room would result in penalties,” and Ryujin empathized, “I received many penalties for the same reason.” They both said, “Food was prohibited in the vocal room.”

Ryujin and Lia's Candid Confession

Ryujin mentioned Yeji when asked, “Who had the highest score?” Lia questioned, “Wasn’t Ryujin in the top ranks too?” but Ryujin replied, “I’m always in the lower to middle ranks because of the penalties.” Lia laughed and said, “We were comrades.”

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