Another touching story from staff, “The main character actor came to meet and comforted me…”, adding to Kim Seon-ho’s scandal plot twist

After the text conversations between Kim Seon-ho and his ex – A were revealed, public opinion seems to have been reversed since these revelations are completely different from A’s disclosure.

In the meantime, B – staff who used to work with Kim Seon-ho in a drama drew attention by releasing a touching story. On November 1st, B posted an article titled, “My experience of working with actor Kim Seon-ho”, on an online community.

B introduced themselves as production team staff of Kim Seon-ho’s old drama and said, “I’m glad that things seem to be going well again so I can write this article about Kim Seon-ho.” B said, “I had a hard day since I made several NGs throughout the drama’s filming. During the break, I kept blaming the faults on myself while sitting in a corner that was away from everyone.”

Kim Seon-ho

Then, B explained, “At that time, someone came and sat next to me. Then he asked me, ‘Are you okay?’. That person was actor Kim Seon-ho. We had never talked to each other before except for normal greetings. Every time he came to the filming sites, he always greeted everyone, including the staff members.” They continued, “There was no one around me, but the actor suddenly came and talked to me first. I was really surprised. Kim Seon-ho said my job looked difficult then comforted and cheered me up.”

B shared, “I told him it was because of my mistakes that made it hard for him to perform his acting. I said I was sorry for making him do one scene over and over again. Then he told me that he didn’t find it hard at all. He comforted me and told me to cheer up. Although our conversation was short, it gave me lots of strength.”

Kim Seon-ho

They said, “Seeing the main actor Kim Seon-ho come and comfort a staff member when they were alone during the short break, I believe he’s a really good person. Therefore I decided to write this post.” Lastly, B delivered their message to support Kim Seon-ho, saying, “Due to the recent issue, you must have been through a hard time. I’m glad that the situation is getting overturned. Fighting!”

Earlier, Kim Seon-ho was at the center of controversy over A’s disclosure on the 17th of last month. A claimed that Kim Seon-ho forced her to have an abortion while promised to marry her but didn’t, which caused a stir. Kim Seon-ho apologized to A and fans four days after the controversy erupted. He also dropped out of KBS2’s entertainment program “2 Days and 1 Night Season 4,” and the films “2 o’clock Date” and “Dog Days.” Afterwards, A said, “I received an apology,” then deleted her revealing post before making another post that said “There was a misunderstanding.”

Kim Seon-ho

This seemed to end the case, but the situation reversed on the 26th of last month when Dispatch released the two’s KakaoTalk conversations, Kim Seon-ho’s message with acquaintances, and interviews with acquaintances of A, claiming, “There are many distortions in A’s claim.”

Dispatch then revealed additional contents of the conversation on November 1st, saying that it obtained a KakaoTalk conversation between Kim Seon-ho and A through an acquaintance of A.

In the captured photo released by the media, Kim Seon-ho reassured A, who was worried about an unexpected pregnancy, saying, “Don’t worry,” “Let’s think wisely,” “I’ll take responsibility for everything,” and “Let’s get married.” In response, A replied, “I was touched by what you said,” and “Thank you, really.”

Kim Seon-ho

At the same time, the media also disclosed related conversations, saying that from this year, A’s privacy problems began to crack between the two. According to the media, Kim Seon-ho broke up with her, saying, “Is it right to forgive my girlfriend who lies to me several times about the presence of men?” A apologized, saying, “I’ll make you believe,” and “Please give me one chance.” As the contents different from A’s claim were revealed, public criticism toward Kim Seon-ho turned to A, and Kim Seon-ho also had a chance to revive.

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His big-screen debut film “Sad Tropics” officially announced his appearance on November 1st, saying, “After much consideration, we decided to proceed with the filming within this year with actor Kim Seon-ho.”

The advertising community, which turned Kim Seon-ho’s photo into private after the controversy over his private life, also posted his ads again when the incident took a new turn. Brands that selected Kim Seon-ho as the main model, such as Miima Mask and Canon Korea, are leading the trend by releasing photos of him.

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