The choreography that SM purposely makes to show off their idols’ visuals

Watching the outstanding choreography, netizens all agree that SM owns a flower garden.

Fans often call SM‘s idols a “flower garden” because every artist posesses outstanding beauty. This advantage has been cleverly shown by this BIG 3 entertainment in their choreography. Among them, the most famous choreography is the a-beauty-next-to-another-beauty” choreography that f(x), Girls’ Generation and Red Velvet had performed and fascinated fans with.

This is a choreography where each member will reveal themselves simultaneously in front of the camera. Although it is not complicated, it shows the beauty of each and all members. This iconic dance comes from “Rum Pum Pum Pum” (f(x)), then it is used again in “Mr.Mr.” (Girls’ Generation) and “Happiness”, “Cookie Jar” (Red Velvet).

This “a-beauty-next-to-another-beauty” choreography was discovered by fans to have started from f(x) “Rum Pum Pum Pum”.
The perfect visual of 5 girls melts fans’ hearts.
Next, Girls’ Generationalso had a showy performance in “Mr.Mr.”
The outstanding beauty which drove fans crazy
The 3rd generation girl group, Red Velvet also has the opportunity to experience this dance in “Happiness”…
… And “Cookie Jar”

Fans’ comments after looking back at these fascinating dance series:

“This is why people say SM is Lee Sooman’s flower garden

– “I know … This is the origin of the “a-beauty-next-to-another-beauty” dance.”

-“All of them have their own uniqueness and beauty.

– “2nd generation idols are awesome! f(x) has an unmistakable uniqueness and Girls Generation’s songs are all trendsetters. Now there is no girl group that is better than them”.

Source: kenh14

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