Se7en mentions the meme of him scolding Taeyang and G-Dragon in the past, “I didn’t know they would be this successful”

Se7en explained the moment he scolded his junior singers Taeyang and G-Dragon in a past documentary.

The July 12th broadcast of MBC’s entertainment program “Radio Star” featured the guest appearance of Choi Sung Guk, Se7en, Swings, and Na Sun Wook.

Kim Gu Ra asked, “Did you scold Taeyang and G-Dragon (GD) in the past?”. Se7en replied, “No. I’ve never scolded them”.

se7en bigbang g-dragon

Se7en shared, “I’ve known Ji Young (G-Dragon’s real name) and Young Bae (Taeyang’s real name) since they were in elementary school and I was in grade 10 of high school. I debuted at the age of 20 and gave many advice to the trainees, hoping that they would do well. I talked to them a lot about dancing and singing. I didn’t know they would become this successful”.

He continued, “They are doing so well that I even wondered, ‘Did I scold them too much back then?’. But on the other hand, I believe that I needed someone to tell them things around that time. That’s how they practiced, worked hard, and became successful”.

se7en bigbang g-dragon

Se7en said, “In a documentary about Big Bang’s debut, I told Young Bae, ‘Don’t make that expression when you sing. It looks unlikeable ‘. I don’t even remember saying that, but later, people made a meme with that scene. I’m sorry”.

In the documentary back then, Se7en was seen scolding G-Dragon and Taeyang with serious eyes. When it came to the scene showing Kwon Ji Yong’s trembling pupils and Se7en’s strict appearance, Se7en got embarrassed and said, “I’m sorry.”

At that moment, Yoo Se Yoon commented, “Other trainees stood still and put their hands together when they get scolded, but GD was the only person who made a comfortable pose”. Se7en imitated G-Dragon’s voice, saying “I was the leader at that time”, drawing laughter.

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