Korean actors co-starring their idols: Song Joong Ki proved himself to be “one of a kind” 

These actors made lifetime achievements when acting alongside their idols. 

Lee Jong Suk

The star of “Big Mouth” has always proudly shown his admiration for his senior in the industry, Lee Na Young, wife of actor Won Bin. In many interviews, Lee Jong Suk frankly chose Lee Na Young as his ideal type and went through a tough time when his idol finally got married.

lee jong suk

When Jong Suk had the chance to star in “Romance is The Bonus Book” alongside Lee Na Young, the actor frequently asked his best friend Won Bin for Lee Na Young’s signature. Having worked with the actress before, Kim Won Bin helped pull Lee Jong Suk closer to his idol. Overall, “Romance Is the Bonus Book” is the living proof of successful idol pursuit, showing a softer side to the actor himself. 

Kwak Dong Yeon

Apart from his acting prowess, Kwak Dong Yeon is also active in his idol following journey. After 7 years of acting, the heartthrob always looked forward to the chance of working beside actress Kim So Hyun. In 2018, the dream came true when Dong Yeon co-starred with So Hyun in “Radio Romance”. 

Kwak Dong Yeon also sees Kim So Hyun as his ideal type. In several reality shows, when asked to choose between Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung, his colleague from “Love In the Moonlight”, actor Kwak answered by apologizing to Yoo Jung and firmly stating that Kim So Hyun would always be his answer. After their project together, Dong Yeon was more comfortable interacting with Kim So Hyun both online and real life. He was also chosen by the actress to do funny challenges. 

Shin Hye Sun

In 2018, “Mr. Queen” actress Shin Hye Sun hallmarked a success in her idol following career. She shared in the interview with SBS that Yang Se Jong, her male co-star in “Still Seventeen”,  is her idol. Afraid that Yang Se Jong misunderstood her action was out of courtesy, she affirmed that: “My staff member knows this”. 

shin hye sun

However, the most meaningful moment to Shin Hye Sun during the filming was her kiss with Yang Se Jong on-screen in “Still Seventeen” on her birthday. That was the event the actress could not forget. 

Song Joong Ki

This is perhaps the most successful idol following case on the Korean screen. When Song Hye Kyo generated a sensation on “Full House”, Song Joong Ki admired her to his fullest. In his college years, Song Joong Ki was so persistent with his admiration that he made impressive achievements. Song Joong Ki was an ideal fan. 

song joong ki

Nobody would have known that the pure-hearted fan would one day become the top star of the Korean screen, getting his chance to co-star his idol. While the two had their separate paths, his road to his idol was truly one of a kind. 

Source: K14

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