Ryujin’s part in WANNABE where she does the iconic shoulder dance originally belongs to another ITZY member 

Which ITZY member was given this iconic part in the first place instead of Ryujin? 

WANNABE is one of the most popular hits of ITZY‘s career. The song specifically marked an important milestone for Ryujin because of how viral her shoulder dance move went in early 2020. Ryujin’s center part at the opening of the song is so popular that ITZY’s promotions for WANNABE is known as Ryujin’s era, making her one of the most outstanding female Kpop idols at the time.

Ryujin's shoulder dance went insanely viral 
Ryujin’s shoulder dance went insanely viral 

Although Ryujin nails the shoulder dance, it turns out to be a big surprise that this opening part was originally not given to her. 

Specifically, a recent post on Pann Nate revealed that the opening verse of WANNABE was actually Yeji’s at first. Ryujin was supposed to sing the “I do what I wanna” part, which is the following line. However, during the recording, the producer felt that Ryujin‘s voice was more suitable for the opening line, so the parts of Yeji and Ryujin were then swapped. 

The original poster on Pann commented that this change was like a God’s decision. Yeji once came under controversy for having too many lines in WANNABE, so if she also took on the iconic opening verse, it would have shown that JYP was being biased towards Yeji

In the comment section, Knet expressed surprise at the information. Quite many say that no one in ITZY can do the perfect shoulder dance like Ryujin, even an all-rounder like Yeji. However, a few other netizens asserted that even if it was Ryujin or Yeji who performed the choreography, it would go viral because both of them dance well and have great charisma.

In addition, Yeji‘s fans also expressed their anger when the topic owner commented that JYP was biased towards Yeji. Many people commented that Yeji is the true all-rounder of Kpop who is good at all skills and even extremely attractive on stage, so is it obvious that she is better promoted than the other 4 members.

Yeji is an all-rounder so she should definitely be pushed by JYP?
Yeji is an all-rounder so she should definitely be pushed by JYP?

– What a fateful change. Although the other members did it well, I can’t forget the angle of Shin Ryujin’s shoulders, chin, and arms.

– Ryujin did the best shoulder dance.

– So fortunate. If Shin Ryujin wasn’t the one who does the shoulder dance, it would be boring.

– Great change. WANNABE is like Ryujin’s solo. The fact that JYP pushed Yeji was because her talent was at the top of the group and she was extremely popular.

– Honestly, in ITZY, only Yeji is good at both singing and dancing skills. She indeed deserves a push. Ryujin has good charisma but her singing is not really…

– Hey, Yeji slays from singing, dancing to stage presence, if she wasn’t pushed, who do you think would deserve it? Your idol is the center but don’t forget Yeji is the trump card.

– Yeji sings a lot because she has to carry the whole song, not push or anything. Every time I read this topic, it’s frustrating.

– Everything is the best choice already. Ryujin shook her shoulders and her facial expression was perfect. And Yeji gets pushed because she’s good and she deserves it.

– Whether that shoulder dance was done by Ryujin or Yeji, it would still go viral because basically they both dance well and have great charisma.


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