‘Scandalous’ Seung Ri draws attention for his friendship with Jackie Chan’s son who got into drug scandals

Former Big Bang member Seung Ri’s is making headlines for mingling with so-called “troublemakers” Chinese stars, whose activities in the Chinese entertainment industry are restricted due to drug charges

Hong Kong media outlet Dim Sum Daily reported on September 20th (local time) that Seung Ri met with Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan and actor Kai Ko at 2023 Singapore Grand Prix. The three were spotted side by side by a fan at the event’s party held on September 17th.


In 2014, singer Jaycee Chan and actor Kai Ko were arrested on charges of inhaling marijuana at their home in Beijing. According to a number of Chinese media outlets, both of the stars tested positive and about 100 grams of marijuana were found at the site at once.

Chan was sentenced to six months in prison after acknowledging all the prosecution’s indictment, while Ko was released after 14 days of detention.

Seungri spotted in club

In 2019, these two celebrities were seen at a club in Seoul. The club was known as Burning Sun, a club run by Seung Ri, causing controversy. Rumors of using drugs resurfaced as their friendship with Seung Ri and their visit to Burning Sun were known. As they met with Seung Ri at the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix, raising claims that the three may be continuing their friendship.

Meanwhile, Seung Ri in 2019 was put on trial on a total of nine charges, including habitual gambling, prostitution arrangements, as he was named as a key figure in a case called “Burning Sun Gate,” which began at club Burning Sun. Seung Ri was sentenced to one and a half years in prison and was released from prison in February after completing his sentence in Yeoju Prison.

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