Jeon So Min burst into tears during the ‘Counselor Special’ section in the show “Sixth Sense 2”

Jeon So Min cried because she was touched by Oh Na Ra’s cheer in the show.

Jeon So Min

In the latest episode of tvN’s reality show “Sixth Sense 2” aired on September 3, Loco and Gray appeared as guests. The theme of this episode was “Find the fake counselor”. The members were divided into 2 teams, Gray Team (Yoo Jae Seok, Jeon So Min, Jessi) and Loco Team (Mi Joo, Lee Sang Yeop, Oh Na Ra), and they started to find the fake counselor.

When the members proceeded to the art therapy section, it was the round that Jeon So Min burst into tears. In the final stage of the dance therapy, the members had to shout out the phrase that they wanted to say to the others.

Oh Na Ra chose the phrase “You’re doing great”. Immediately, tears welled up in Jessi and Jeon So Min’s eyes even before Oh Na Ra said it. The two confessed, “I may cry if I hear this”

The counselor comforted them: “Tears won’t fall even when you allow them to. In this modern society, “tears” has become a kind of taboo. I think tears should come and go.”

Oh Na Ra burst into tears when she shouted “You’re doing great” to Jeon So Min, and after that, they hugged each other.

The counselor said, “You have comforted each other, so now it’s time for you to comfort yourself” and suggested the members patting their own hearts.

Jeon So Min said, “I didn’t expect it’s gonna be this sad. I think I should go home now” and couldn’t hold her tears.

At the end of the therapy section, Yoo Jae Suk turned to the 2 actresses and commented, “I want to say this. I thought you two were filming a drama”. Later on, Mi Joo also cried, then Jeon So Min jokingly asked, “Was Sixth Sense 2 a sad program?”

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