Sandara Park explains the rumors of her being the 3rd richest K-pop female singer after IUI and Lee Hyo-ri (Problem Child in House)

Park So-hyun and Sandara Park, who recently caused a craze with their new eating contest “Unnies without Appetite”, will appear on “Problem Child in House”.

Park So-hyun and Sandara Park will appear as guests on KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “Problem Child in House”, which is scheduled to air on the evening of October 5th, drawing attention.

During the recording, Park So-hyun revealed that there was one person among “Problem Child in House” cast members who matches her ideal type then surprised everyone as she pointed at Kim Jong-kook.

sandara park

She said, “My ideal type is a healthy person who doesn’t like drinking and smoking”, adding “I thought many people don’t drink and smoke but there are actually a few of those. I also like people who work out”. In response, Kim Jong-kook got embarrassed and shy at Park So-hyun’s sudden confession that he only knew for the first time in decades.

Meanwhile, Sandara Park introduced herself as an expert in “non-face-to-face dating”, saying “Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, I had been in a non-face-to-face romantic relationship because I had to strictly follow the ban on dating”, adding “But when I said I went on face-to-face dating since people don’t care whatever I do, no one believed me”, revealing her honest feelings. 

When Jung Hyung-don asked, “Have you ever gotten taken photos of while dating?”, she responded, “We broke up before being photographed”, giving an unexpected tip for not getting caught up in dating rumors. Sandara Park then told the story of when she was almost said to be dating singer Cheetah, raising the viewers’ expectations for the official broadcast.

sandara park

In addition, Sandara Park continued to reveal the truth about the article that mentioned her as the 3rd richest K-pop female singer after IU and Lee Hyo-ri. She said, “There was an article that said I had 30 billion won. I received a lot of congratulatory calls from people around. What makes me so upset is that I don’t have 30 billion won in reality”, adding “Thinking of it, I would have actually earned about 30 billion won. I think I could have purchased real estate if I hadn’t done shopping”, explaining the theory of her owning 30 billion won. 

Sandara Park

Sandara Park then confessed that she often collects shoes and has more than 1,000 pairs of sneakers. She said, “The most expensive pair cost about 20 million won. I wear them sometimes, but I don’t want them to get dirty, so I wear them at home”, showing off her aspect of a “sneakers collector” on a unique scale.

Park So-hyun’s unexpected confession to Kim Jong-kook can be found on the broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Problem Child in House” at 8:30 p.m on October 5th.

Source: Nate

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