“So dirty”-> “Meaningful outfit”… Netizens change opinion on BTS J-Hope’s wearing condom-printed shirt

BTS J-Hope caught attention for posting a photo of him wearing a condom-printed shirt on SNS but later was praised as the shirt is known as part of a campaign to encourage proper birth control.

BTS J-Hope condom shirt

J-Hope was criticized by some netizens for uploading a picture of him wearing a shirt on Instagram on December 8th.

This is because the pattern printed on the shirt is known as a condom. On an online community, netizens left comments such as “BTS has many teenage fans. Should they wear condom-printed shirts?”, “I feel uncomfortable because the outfit is sensational”, “So dirty”…

Pleasures condom shirt

However, this shirt is actually from American designer Alex James’ “Pleasures” collaboration with British retailer END, a “tongue in cheek streetwear collection” which advocated for safe sex.

Regarding this, END explained through their official website, “We have printed various graphics and patterns created under the theme of correct contraception on the product. It means supporting safe, positive and responsible sex.”

They added, “We approached the subject of contraception humorously with the aim of encouraging safe and enjoyable sex. There are products that use bananas as a provocative interpretation of how to use condoms correctly.”

Public opinion quickly changed when the meaning of the shirt became known. A netizen said, “Thanks to J-Hope, I got to know the campaign with a good purpose.” Another one praised, “It’s indeed a meaningful outfit. I didn’t know he was such a conscious idol.”

BTS J-Hope freevolt

This is not the first time J-Hope has spread good influence through clothes. J-Hope made headlines by including a photo of him wearing a “freevolt” product in the season’s greetings released in November 2020. Freevolt is known to use the proceeds to help underprivileged children and disabled people around the world.

Season’s greetings refer to a New Year’s set consisting of calendars, diaries, posters, DVDs and postcards.

BTS J-Hope Meonkeybiz

In addition, J-Hope revealed two glass bead crafts by Monkeybiz on the fan community Weverse on November 30th, 2019. Monkeybiz is an organization that helps South African women grow into artists and leaders.

BTS J-Hope T-shirt W Korea

On October 25th of the same year, he tweeted a photo of a T-shirt produced by the fashion magazine W Korea to improve breast cancer awareness.

J-Hope is also famous for his generous donations. He is the 146th member of the Green Noble Club, a group of high-value donors who has donated more than 100 million won to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, and is known to have donated more than 700 million won so far.


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