Rumors of “Reborn Rich” actress Park Ji Hyun being a former wrestler confirmed not true, “The picture is not hers”

Information that actress Park Ji Hyun, who appears in the ongoing drama “Reborn Rich”, is a former wrestler has been confirmed to be false.

An official from Park Ji Hyun’s agency Namoo Actors said to MyDaily on December 14th, “Park Ji Hyun is not a former Ssireum wrestler”, adding “The person in the picture that is spreading together with the information is not Park Ji Hyun”.

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Earlier on the same day, netizens shared a rumor that Park Ji Hyun used to be a Ssireum (traditional Korean wrestling) athlete along with an unconfirmed photo. Due to this rumor, the public began to pay attention to the background of Park Ji Hyun to find out whether she was a wrestler and why she turned to acting. However, the information was eventually proven to be not true at all.

Park Ji Hyun debuted in 2014 and made her face known through various works, such as movie “Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum”, dramas “The King in Love”, “Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung”, “Do You Like Brahms?”, “Yumi’s Cells”, and “Love All Play”.

park ji hyun reborn rich

She is starring in JTBC’s popular drama “Reborn Rich” as Mo Hyun Min, the eldest daughter of Hyunsung Ilbo’s owner and the wife of Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki)’s cousin. The actress not only drew compliments for perfectly portraying her character but also impressed viewers with her extraordinary presence. 

Meanwhile, Park Ji Hyun revealed the reason she wanted to become an actress in an interview with MyDaily in 2017.

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At that time, the actress confessed, “During my high school days, I was a chubby girl who wore glasses and only focused on studying. I even ate 10 chocolates a day. However, I was more confident back then. Then I thought, ‘I haven’t scratched the lottery yet’”. She laughed and said, “After turning 20, I was determined to become an actress, so I tried to lose 20kg”.

Source: Nate

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