RIIZE Seunghan’s Smoking Video Leaked, Poster Threatens to Expose Him in More Footage 

RIIZE’s Seunghan once again finds himself at the center of controversy as a leaked video surfaces, revealing him casually smoking

Seunghan is captured in the video smoking while strolling during an Instagram livestream. What makes this even more intriguing is that the poster of the video reveals they are holding at least three pieces of evidence against Seunghan, threatening to unleash chaos among fans.  

The poster has issued an ultimatum to SM Entertainment, giving them one week to address Seunghan’s situation. Failure to do so will result in the public release of all gathered evidence. 

Adding fuel to the fire, details about Seunghan’s past romantic involvement with a former SM trainee have also come to light, with the unfortunate revelation that she was either fired or forced to leave.

The poster shares, “More than 3 videos/evidence/scandals, much more shocking, about Hong Seunghan. If within a week SM knows about it and doesn’t resolve it properly, I will publish everything. If this incident spreads, idol fans will be in chaos, especially among 4th gen idols. He dated someone from the same company, but only his ex-girlfriend was forced to leave the company. This was posted by Hong Seunghan, and the one cut out is the ex-girlfriend. Please look forward to it.”

As the tension escalates, another netizen shares a glimpse into Seunghan’s mindset. A conversation screenshot reveals someone advising him against livestreaming on Instagram, to which he casually responds, “Anyway, the smoking incident hasn’t been posted yet.” 

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