Netizens react to IVE members’ cover of Taeyeon’s famous song

What do netizens think about IVE’s cover of Taeyeon’s hit? 

After many times of being caught up in controversies over talent and attitude, Korean and international netizens seem to be harsher on IVE. One of the biggest problems that cause the group to face critical comments is the members’ singing skills. Specifically, Jang Wonyoung was caught out-of-breath while singing live on the encore stage. Other members of IVE rarely make a good impression with their vocals either.

Wonyoung is considered to be IVE's vocal hole with many times singing in a barely audible voice.
Wonyoung is considered to be IVE’s vocal hole with many times singing in a barely audible voice.

Recently, netizens continued to discuss IVE’s vocals after a cover video of 2 members Ahn Yujin and Liz was posted. The two girls performed a cover of the song “Four Seasons” by Taeyeon (SNSD) on MBC’s FM4U Good Morning FM radio show on December 6.

Yujin and Liz’s cover of “Four Seasons” by Taeyeon (SNSD)

Liz and Yujin, respectively, are the main and lead vocalists of IVE, so fans expected this cover to shut down the prejudices that netizens have against IVE. However, it seems that the two most outstanding vocalists of IVE picked the wrong song, as this cover exposes their lacking vocal techniques and emotion.

Overall, their performance is not all bad, especially for members of a one-month rookie group. But when compared with the main vocalists of other 4th generation girl groups like NingNing (aespa) or Sieun (STAYC), it is clear that Liz’s vocals are weaker and lack her own color. 

Taeyeon – Four Seasons MV

Netizens have mixed reactions to this cover of IVE. While some think that Yujin and Liz’s vocals are not strong enough to cover a difficult song by Taeyeon, others counter that there cannot be a perfect cover comparable to the original, and that Liz and Yujin did their best. 

Liz and Yujin are the 2 members with the most stable vocals in the group
Liz and Yujin are the 2 members with the most stable vocals in the group

– The group is full of weak vocalists but they keep choosing hard songs to cover and then reveal their flaws. Why don’t they choose songs that are just their level?

– As an SM stan, I can’t believe these two are considered good singers of the group. This is too weak for the level of a main vocal.

– She’s so good at singing… I mean Taeyeon. IVE needs to pick more suitable songs to cover otherwise they’ll just embarrass themselves.

– The blonde girl has quite a weak voice but overall it’s fine.

– The main vocal title should be given to Yujin, not Liz.

– Do you all hate IVE so much that your ears are deaf too? You cover up your ears whenever you see the name IVE, right? Although it’s not excellent, they sound okay for nonfans like me.

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