ChoA have not forgotten her stretching routines since her days with AOA “because it’s a waste” 

Singer ChoA still does her stretching on a daily basis. 

ChoA recently uploaded a video of her business trip to Thailand on her YouTube channel on the 29th. The singer visited Bangkok, Thailand for her filming schedule of a program and revealed her daily life on her day-off.

ChoA showed the daily routines of what she does before going to bed, such as shopping, going to restaurants, and getting a massage. The solo artist, who cared about her skin care, mentioned her last night-care routine being stretching.

“I used to do splits when I danced. I’m doing it every day so that my body isn’t stiff again. because it’s a waste of stretching up”, she said while maintaining her stretching movement with his legs spread from side to side on bed.


In fact, ChoA often showed off her splits during AOA’s activities in entertainment programs.

ChoA, who debuted as a member of the group AOA in 2012, quit in 2017. The artist had stopped her activities since and only resumed full activities in 2020.

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