Reviews About Lisa’s Cabaret Show, “She Took Off The CEO Suit But Never Went Naked”

Fans who watched Lisa’s “Crazy Horse” cabaret show left reviews about the performance

On September 29th, overseas fans posted reviews about Lisa’s “Crazy Horse” performance on X (formerly Twitter).

lisa blackpink crazy horse

The previous day, Lisa performed at the art nude show “Crazy Horse” in Paris, France under the theme “Crisis? What Crisis!?”. Against the backdrop of the Paris stock exchange during the economic crisis, the concept shows a female CEO, who gets stressed out by the jagged stock price, removing her office looks one by one according to the flow of stock prices.

According to overseas fans, the performance started with Lisa putting her hair out of the curtain, smiling, and winking her eyes. After introducing herself, Lisa lip-synced to French songs and wore short hair wigs of different colors, such as green and pink.

BlackPink Lisa

According to photos spreading SNS, other female actors wore colorful wigs and lingerie costumes with exposure, and only Lisa was covering her body in a bikini.

Foreign fan A said, “She slowly took off her clothes, but at the end of the performance, she was still wearing a bra and underwear”. They emphasized, “Lisa’s chest was fully covered”.

Another fan B shared, “When the curtain opened, I could see Lisa sitting on a chair with her head down and wearing a CEO suit”, adding “Lisa turned around and she danced while wearing glasses. It was very sensual and sexy”.

B explained, “There was a scene in which Lisa reached out on the table then bent her head backward. She took a deep breath and her chest pounded up and down”, adding “Lisa took off her CEO skirt but she was still wearing lingerie. Other performers went naked sometimes, but not Lisa. Lisa was never naked”. They added, “From an artistic viewpoint, the show was amazing and interesting overall”.

Meanwhile, Crazy Horse is considered one of the top three cabaret shows in Paris, France. It’s a nude show that does not allow viewers under 19 years old, so fans were concerned about the sensationalization and commercialization of the performance.

It is known that Lisa will hold five solo performances on the 28th, 29th and 30th.

Source: Nate

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