Production for “My Teenage Girl” season 2 begind, there will be a male version of CLASS:y?

The MBC audition survival show “My Teenage Girl” is coming back with a male version. 

On June 8th, production company Funky Studio revealed that PD Han Dong Chul has begun preparing for the production of the male version of “My Teenage Girl”. According to them, season 2 of the audition survival show is scheduled to air from February to March of 2023, and like season 1, a talented group of individuals will be selected to debut as a Kpop boy group. 

My Teenage Girl

“My Teenage Girl”, which finished airing on February 27th, is a survival show that gave birth to the talented girl group CLASS:y, which includes 7 members Won Ji Min, Park Bo Eun, Myung Hyun Seo, Kim Ri Won, Kim Seon Yoo, Hong Hye Joo, and Yoon Chae Won. During its air, the show gained a lot of popularity in Korea, having ranked first in the list of most buzz-worthy non-drama TV topics for 11 weeks straight. 

My Teenage Girl

CLASS:y, which debuted in May 2022, is hailed for their outstanding live performances. High anticipations are being paid to the group that will follow their heritage, especially with season 2 of “My Teenage Girl” in the making. 

Source: Daum

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