Jung Hae-in on “House On Wheels 3”: “Something in the Rain was a big success, I haven’t been able to rest much ever since”

Jung Hae-in told us how he has been running without a break since the hit “Something in the Rain” went on air.

House On Wheels 3

In the 11th episode of tvN’s entertainment show “House On Wheels 3” , which aired on December 30th, actor Jung Hae-in came to play as a guest in the quiet traditional hanok front yard in Yeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

House On Wheels 3

On this day, Kim Hee-won reunited for the first time in four years with Jung Hae-in, who he has had the chance to work with through the movie “The King’s Case Note”. Kim Hee-won asked Jung Hae-in, “What have you been doing so far?” to which Jung Hae-in answered, “I’ve been working nonstop. I don’t think I’ve ever rested for more than a month.”

House On Wheels 3

In response, Kim Hee-won said, “Was it “The older sister who cooks”, or “The older sister who buys meals,” to vaguely mention about “The Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food” (“Something in the Rain” Korean title) and asked, “It was a huge success, wasn’t it? You have been very busy since that drama, right?”

Jung Hae-in said, “Yes, after that series,” and confessed, “In fact, I’ve been running so hard since then that I’ve never rested for this long.”

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