6 all-rounder female stars of Korean entertainment industry who have both beauty and talent: Yoona, Suzy, Lee Sung-kyung and more

Having an outstanding visual and luck, a celebrity could survive in showbiz. However, in order to rise to become a top star, talent is the most important factor.

Below are some representative female Korean celebrities who are not only pretty but also talented.


Yoona debuted as a member of the famous girl group SNSD and gradually gained a huge and devoted fandom throughout her 14-year career. There are many things that make fans proud of Yoona apart from her great singing and dancing skills. This female idol is also a fast learner who is not only hard-working but also always tries to learn new things. In particular, Yoona got a certificate of Chinese Proficiency at Level 10 and can communicate fluently with media reporters.

Not only that, Yoona also gained a lot of achievements for herself in both singing and acting fields. Moreover, she also proved herself as a great MC for many major awards ceremonies. In other words, Yoona has changed the public’s view on an idol-turned-actress by shining through various dramas and movies. Known for her top-notch beauty, Yoona also received numerous calls from advertisers and has become a “CF queen”. In any field, Yoona always proves that she deserves to be called an all-rounder star.


Having a similar career like Yoona, Suzy is the second talented female star to mention. In 2010, Suzy also debuted as an idol in the girl group that achieved the Best Rookie award right after their debut – Miss A.

Suzy gained huge success with her debut drama “Dream High” and even received the Best New Actress award. Her debut movie “Architecture 101” once again made a hit, and that helped Suzy gain huge popularity. Since then, she has been called the “Nation’s First Love” and also won the Best New Actress at Baeksang Arts Awards. In the same year, Suzy even gained the ‘Best Female Newcomer on a Variety Show’ after participating in the reality show “Invincible Youth 2”.

Not long after her debut, Suzy has impressively become the first Korean artist to achieve the rookie awards in all 4 fields, including singing, drama, movie, and entertainment show.

After the disbandment of her group, Suzy continued to pursue both singing and acting and sometimes participated in awards ceremonies as an MC. Of course, Suzy is also a hot name in the commercial industry. She is always listed in the top “CF queens” every year who receives many collaboration calls from numerous luxury brands. Suzy has gained great success in all fields that she has challenged.

Lee Sung Kyung

Having surreal long legs and a desirable height of 1m75, Lee Sung Kyung started out in the entertainment industry as a well-known model. 

In 2014, Lee Sung Kyung made her acting debut with a supporting role in It’s Okay, That’s Love. She then began to grab the attention of various drama producers. Gradually going from supporting roles to playing leading characters in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Dr. Romantic 2…, Lee Sung Kyung has proved her talent and become one of the most successful model-turned actresses in Korea. 

Aside from being a model and an actress, Lee Sung Kyung is also known for her great voice. She was once nicknamed Princess Jasmine thanks to her perfect cover of the theme song A Whole New World from Aladdin. Moreover, Lee Sung Kyung’s dancing skills are not at all average. Perhaps, YG recruited Lee Sung Kyung not only to be a model but also had plans for her singing career. Overall, Lee Sung Kyung is a well-rounded star who can act, model, sing and dance. And obviously, the top-notch visuals and aura help her stand out even more. 

Kim Go Eun

Making her debut on the big screen in the critically acclaimed film A Muse and winning various awards for her performance in 2012 was a perfect stepping stone for Kim Go Eun to enter the industry. Not only does Kim Go Eun stand out for her unique appearance and natural acting, she is also good at singing.

Kim Go Eun released her debut single titled “I Am… & I Am” in 2015. She also showcased her vocals through the OST of the drama Cheese In The Trap in which she played the female lead in 2016.

Besides acting and singing, Kim Go Eun has excellent foreign language skills, with Chinese being her strength. Although Kim Go Eun is Korean, she lived with her parents in Beijing for 10 years from the age of 4, so she can speak Chinese like a native. Kim Go Eun is also quite fluent in English. With her charming visuals and popularity, it’s no surprise that Kim Go Eun has become a sought-after name by different brands. She often graces the covers of major magazines as well. 

Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye‘s reputation in the film industry is undeniable. She is currently one of the most popular 9x actresses in Kbiz. However, perhaps many people do not know about the fact that Park Shin Hye used to be a trainee who was trained in singing with the goal of debuting as a singer.

As Park Shin Hye has been a trainee for many years, her dancing skills are extremely good and her sweet yet deep voice is not inferior to professional singers. The actress once surprised viewers by featuring in OSTs of some dramas she participated in such as The Heirs or Pinocchio.

In addition, Park Shin Hye can also play various instruments such as piano, guitar and even traditional Korean instruments. Of course, for an active and witty person like Park Shin Hye, hosting or appearing on variety shows has also been her strength for a long time. Having such a solid career is thanks to Park Shin Hye‘s omnipotence in all aspects.


Debuting at the age of 15, IU rocked the Korean music scene with her hit song Good Days in 2010, officially marking her name on K-pop stars’ map. A year later, IU attracted filmmakers’ attention by appearing in Dream High.

In the following years, IU kept singing and acting in turn. Although she received negative reviews for her limited acting skills at first, she was recognized as a TV star after many efforts as IU’s performance became better and better. In terms of singing, not a single female singer can reach IU’s achievements. She is called “nation’s digital monster” since she will dominate all digital music charts every time she releases music.

Now you understand why the above beauties are so famous, right? They have good looks. They have no shortage of talent in any field. As long as the opportunity comes, they will immediately seize it. There are a lot of rumors and gossips surrounding them, but it is not a big deal as their making people envious is understandable.

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