New generation of actors dominate this year’s film industry (ft. Song Kang, Han So Hee and more)

These young Korean actors have had a busy 2021 with a series of big and small screen projects coming out together.

2021 is the year young outstanding actors dominate the Korean film industry. These new faces have participated in numerous productions in various genres, including romance, action and fantasy.

 1. Song Kang

Song Kang is no longer an unfamiliar name for Korean drama fans.  In 2021, the actor returned with 3 outstanding dramas on Netflix: Love Alarm 2, Navillera and Nevertheless. Contrary to the audience’s high expectations of Song Kang, it seems that the productions he participated in are not good enough and there are still mixed opinions about his acting skills.  However, his appearance in a big number of dramas has helped Song Kang strengthen his name and attract many fans. Currently, Song Kang is working hard and will return with the drama “Cruel Story Of Office Romance” alongside Park Min Young.

2. Han So Hee

Like her acting partner Song Kang, Han So Hee is also an active and successful name in 2021. In June, Han So Hee appeared in the melodrama “Nevertheless” with Song Kang, creating a sweet chemistry that all viewers approved of. Nearing the end of 2021, Han So Hee surprised the industry with her strong and edgy image in “My Name”. “My Name” soon became a global sensation thanks to its interesting storyline and the high-quality acting of Han So Hee as well as other casts.

3. Go Min Si

The beginning of 2021 to Go Min Si is the drama “Love Alarm 2” as the cousin Park Gul Mi of Kim So Hyun. She then continued to play as Kim Myung Hee in “Youth Of May” alongside Lee Do Hyun, creating a hauntingly sad love story. Not stopping at that, Go Min Si went on to appear in “Jirisan” where her character Lee Da Won ended up the same as her previous character Kim Myung Hee.

4. Lee Do Hyun

Actor Lee Do Hyun is widely known for his handsome features and impressive acting. Most of his works either have a sad ending or have a sorrowful atmosphere. This year, Lee Do Hyun returned to the drama industry with 3 works: “Beyond The Evil”, “Youth Of May” and the most recent “Melancholia”. Especially, “Youth Of May” is the most successful as it touched the hearts of many viewers.


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