This female idol was so pretty when casually going to see another idol that she was cast by JYP 

ITZY’s Yuna caught the eye of a recruiter from JYP at a concert. 

In 2019, when she was only 16, Yuna had a successful debut as a member of ITZY. The group swept the K-pop scene and gained immense popularity as soon as they were launched thanks to the hit “DALLA DALLA”. 


From her debut stage, Yuna with her iconic vibrant long red hair, goddess-like visuals, and surreal physique garnered much attention. Her “DALLA DALLA” fancam went viral and attracted a great number of views. 


When she was a trainee under JYP Entertainment preparing for her debut, Yuna made her face known to the public by appearing on Mnet’s male idol debut program “Stray Kids.” At the time, she was still wearing braces. But braces did not affect Yuna’s beauty at all. Her small face and graceful, clear features stood out. 


Yuna’s middle school graduation photo also drew attention thanks to her flawless beauty, even with braces on. Netizens showed surprised reactions as they left comments such as, “As expected, celebrities look good in everything” and “How can she still look so beautiful while wearing braces?”


Yuna also became a hot topic when she revealed the story of how she debuted as a JYP idol. Her pretty appearance grabbed the attention of a JYP employee when she went to see BTOB at a year-end Song Festival in 2015. Yuna said, “My sister is a fan of BTOB, so I went with her to a song festival. A JYP official noticed me there, so I was cast and entered the company to become a trainee.” 

Source: Daum

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