aespa Karina confesses stress due to having no “muscles & abs” despite working out hard

aespa Karina, who is often praised for her beauty, body figure and skills, also has her own inferiority complex.

aespa recently appeared in the content “Idol Complaint Manager HUR” uploaded on the Youtube channel “HANBAM” and revealed their concerns to senior idol Heo Young Ji.


That day, aespa members wrote their concerns or complaints on notes and put them in the “Idol Complaint Manager Box”, then Heo Young Ji randomly picked the complaints and gave advice to her juniors.

The first complaint was from Karina. Karina explained, “My muscles won’t show, even if I work out. I don’t have any talents to show off at shows. I don’t know how to answer when asked about special talents”.

Appearing on MBC’s “Omniscient Interfering View” last year, Karina revealed her daily workout routine. At that time, she focused on doing hip and waist exercises to have beautiful physical lines.

Karina shared, “I have dreams of having defined abs. But I’ve never had the experience of having defined abs, even if I work out a lot”.


When Karina asked for a solution to her complaint, Heo Young Ji looked at aespa’s manager and said, “Makeup artists these days could contour your body. There are makeup artists dedicated specifically for body makeup. I’ll toss you the number through our manager”, drawing laughter.

Later, Heo Young Ji comforted Karina, saying “I believe it’s because of your natural metabolism”, adding “So try not to get stressed out because of it and work out for your health. And your abs might not show especially because of your skin tone. There are types where it shows more than other people.”


In addition, Heo Young Ji also sympathized with Karina, who was also worried about having no personal talents. She angrily asked, “Are there shows that still make members show off their talents?”

Meanwhile, Karina’s group aespa recently became the first K-pop group to perform on the Main Stage of New York’s famous outdoor music festival ‘The Governors Ball Music Festival 2023’, which was held on June 10th (local time).

Source: Insight

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