Reporters select the worst outfits of female stars at public events (ft. Tang Wei, Park Eun Bin and more)

K-media reporters picked the worst outfits worn by female celebs. 

The weather has become chilly since winter is about to come. Many fans wait for this time of the year to see their favorite stars wearing winter clothes at awards ceremonies, airports, or press conferences. However, some female celebrities, such as Tang Wei, YooA, Park Eun Bin, Mi Joo, and Jung Chae Yeon, shocked fans and netizens with their unreasonable outfits that didn’t match the vibe of the season at all. 

◆ Tang Wei’s worst outfit

Tang Wei

Reporter Kang Nae Ri: Holding the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards trophy in her arms, Tang Wei was elegant and beautiful as always but her dress confused the audience. With silver beads decorated diagonally from the left pelvis part, the dress looked comical when looking from the side.

Reporter Gong Young Joo: Her shoes with black on one side and silver on the other side were particularly eye-catching. Although the shoes matched the color of her outfit, the overall concept was kinda weird.

Reporter Kim Sung Hyun: Comparing this style to a movie, the design seems to be a twist. Rather than giving off a fresh and fancy, the set came out with an odd and unreasonable vibe. This dress made us wonder what the designer’s intention was when making it.

Reporter Oh Ji Won: The silver pattern decorated in diagonal lines created a vague fit. However, her choice of shoes was even worse.

◆ Park Eun Bin’s worst outfit

park eun bin

Reporter Kang Nae Ri: What’s wrong with her style? Park Eun Bin is recently interested in showing a new look with more colorful clothes for her official schedules. Among them, the leopard print coat was quite excessive. Her earrings did not go with the set either.

Reporter Gong Young Joo: The bold leopard pattern inside Park Eun Bin’s large coat made everyone sigh when looking at it. Her outerwear with a checkered pattern looked sophisticated, but the leopard part made the actress look like a zebra when wearing it.

Reporter Kim Sung Hyun: Her outfit confused our eyes. Why did she match a skirt with such a large coat? I don’t understand why she chose the leopard print. I wonder who would be able to pull off this kind of outfit?

Reporter Oh Ji Won: I’ll call this “safari outfit” since it has zebra and cheetah details. I want to applaud Park Eun Bin for her decision to digest this weird combination.

◆ YooA’s worst outfit


Reporter Kang Nae Ri: The reason this style looks awkward is that it’s too big compared to YooA’s body fit. The shoulder and sleeve parts are too loose. 

Reporter Gong Yong Ju: Yoo Ah, who has a small face and a slim body, looks like a shoulder gangster this time. The sleeve length that covers the back of her hand is also a flaw.

Reporter Kim Sung Hyun: A style that reminds me of the final boss in a Japanese movie. The shoulders are excessively angled, while the waist detail is excessively lined. This outfit creates an optical illusion that looks comfortable at first glance, but if you look closely, it feels very uncomfortable.

Reporter Oh Ji Won: The wide shoulder is not bad to me. But I cannot understand the fit of this outfit from below the waist. The fit of the skirt, which looks like they rolled a hard barrel around her, made Yoo Ah looks awkward.

◆ Mi Joo’s worst outfit

Lee mi joo

Reporter Kang Nae Ri: Usually, you layer to make your dress look richer, but I don’t know what the meaning of the white piece (?) at the bottom of Mi Joo‘s skirt is. The thread that is scattered as if it were torn and overlapped with the cloth is annoying to my eyes.

Reporter Gong Young Joo: It’s a sleeveless dress with Mi Joo’s fresh aura, but the thread fluttering at the end of the skirt made me rub my eyes.

Reporter Kim Sung Hyun: I think I saw this at a brand store with a name similar to that of a turtle. Wouldn’t it have been better for her to pay more attention to her outfits?

Reporter Oh Ji Won: Oh my gosh, the thread. I don’t know if it is the intention of the design, but…

◆ Jeong Chae Yeon’s worst outfit

Jung Chaeyeon

Reporter Kang Nae Ri: When participating in a brand event, the most important thing is how to match essential items well to complete a look that is not overwhelming. However, Jeong Chae Yeon‘s look is far from harmonious. The pleats long skirt and knee socks combination look old.

Reporter Gong Yong Joo: The boots, the symbol of winter, are cute, but the overall atmosphere is somewhat tacky.

Reporter Kim Sung Hyun: A bad outfit that is completed with a combination of bad items. It is hard to find harmony in this outfit from head to toe. It is burdensome, old-fashioned, and a bummer.

Reporter Oh Ji Won: Once again, I realize that it’s very difficult to digest the long leg warmer.

Source: OSEN

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