Fans are loving the photos posted by BLACKPINK’s Jisoo to wish Jennie a happy birthday

Both Jisoo and Jennie look so adorable in these new selfies! 

Today (January 16) is Jennie‘s 26th birthday. One of the earliest stars who sent birthday wishes to BLACKPINK’s main rapper was the group’s big sister, Jisoo. To celebrate Jennie’s day, Jisoo revealed brand new photos of the two of them on SNS. Although Jisoo updated her Instagram at midnight, these selfies quickly stirred up BLACKPINK’s fandom.

Jisoo and Jennie show off their cute relationship in two selfies. One was taken during BLACKPINK’s online concert last year, while the other one captured one of their casually playful moments. Next to the group’s visual Jisoo, Jennie looks equally gorgeous. Known for having the prettiest bare face in BLACKPINK, Jennie stands out in every frame even with little makeup. Fans are in love with Jennie’s spotless skin, big eyes and trademark dumpling cheeks. 

BLACKPINK Jennie 26th birthday
On Jennie’s 26th birthday, Jisoo posted selfies with Jennie that have never been released before and wished her fellow “Jendeukie” a happy birthday. Jennie caught the attention with her pretty visuals in a photo taken with a phone camera. 
BLACKPINK Jennie 26th birthday
Jisoo pinches Jennie’s dumpling cheeks in another new adorable selfie 


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